Dec 4, 2011

Email 11/24/11

Dear family,
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Yeah, we're rocking and rolling here in the CCM.  Today's our preparation day, so we basically just went to the temple this morning.  They made us cheeseburgers for lunch though (which was pretty fantastic, I must say), and we're apparently having a huge-o-mungous dinner.  There are two turkey's thawing in the sink, so we're pretty excited.
I don't imagine you'll have time to read this today, it's Thanksgiving at OUR house!  I'm glad you have returned to your partying lifestyle, even if I'm not there to enjoy it.  ~sigh~ Spanish fork, we had some good parties.  If you do read this before then, say hi to everyone for me, and tell them Happy Thanksgiving!
Mom, did you get your birthday present?  The speakers, I mean.  I hope you enjoyed the flowers, flowers bring nice color to rooms.  I noticed I've been missing color here, where everyone wears white all the time, and pink ties are considered radical.  I hope you enjoy your iPod function on your new shiny iPhone, since half the world would probably kill for something so legitimate.  I'm glad Grammy's so excited, tell her that I'm having a really fun time, and I still think of her whenever I go to the baptistry in the temple! (remember that one time, I think I got confirmed for almost a hundred people!)  Good for Grandpa and all his siblings, spreading FO's ashes.  Thanks for driving Esmé, she's gonna need some company.  She needs attention, like me.  Language arts homework?  I feel like I'm forgetting everything I know about the English language in order to learn spanish grammar, spanish vocab, blah blah blah.  I never really realized how good I was at English until I was shown how drastically terrible I am at any other language.  Good luck with homework, Becca!  President Glazier remains to be THE MAN.  He helps me think so critically, and I'm learning a lot about the gospel and how to be a more effective teacher.  Latino Missionaries get here next week.  The church hires cooks to make food for us, so I'll have to figure it out when I get out in the field.  We just have about an hour to cook/eat each meal, so it'll be a fun experience, trying to figure out things I don't know about cooking with ingredients I've never seen before.  Woot. 
I got an email from my old companion who had to go home.  He's doing well, and he says he's excited to come back out on Feb 1st, he'll go straight to the field.  So, that's good news.  Mom, Missionary work is TOUGH!  I mean, we're doing 3 weeks, and we don't just obtain the skills.  Lots of hard work, lots of frustrating, embarrassing situations, lots of trial and error, but eventually, we'll get it down :)  Hey, while I'm thinking about it, could you maybe try to find my little brush for my razor?  I think I left it on my bathroom counter... and my razor needs to be cleaned.  If it's packed, no big deal.  I'll cope.  Also, be smart about how you pack that SD card.  They like to rummage and steal in the postal service down here.  I've heard pictures of Virgin Mary/Christ get them to leave it alone.  Or just slip the SD card into a brownie (wink wink) or something.
Cheese Brain, we really need to figure out the story for Sweeney Todd.  And either way, I still think that song is creepy.  Judge Turpin sounds creepy, Toby sounds creepy, Sweeney is creepy, and Helena Bonham Carter is creepy.  But, I am talking to you, and we both know that one of your favorite shows, Harper's Island, is creepy.  Maybe I should've named you CREEPY brain.  Hehe.  Wait, is Andy on your team?  She sat on you!  Ah, soccer sounds like lots of fun!  There's not enough grass to play soccer here at the DR MTC, so have fun for me, okay? 
No, you having a bad memory is NOT a good excuse for not writing me.  Do it every Sunday, that's a holy, good day to write me :)  And, I was thinking about you the other day when we were "teaching" one of our "investigators." I realized that I hope you're praying a lot, because just like you like talking to Dad and Dad likes talking to you, Heavenly Father likes talking to you, and if you listen to the Spirit, he'll talk to you, too.  That's what we told our "investigator."
Keep writing me!
Hahaha, Dad, it's okay you don't write much.  Sometimes it's hard to know what to say when it's the same stuff every day, right?  I laughed OUT loud when you told me about those 12-13 year olds in that tiny room, and you being in charge of them all.  I hope you all can reach order amongst the chaos, but if not, at least you can have a party.  I didn't know about Howard W. Hunter getting a bomb threat at BYU, but maybe I do remember a story about people singing that song.  Thanks for thinking about and praying for me, I'm praying for you guys, too!  All the time.  I'm enjoying my time, for sure.  And I've already learned a little about how working helps you get through those tough times (Although I know much tougher times are to come).
Hmm.  This week I've learned so much about how much I can only rely on the Lord.  I mean, I have good people all around me, but it's not like high school or college where I could surround myself with the same sort of people that I wanted to be, where I could choose who I hung out with because we laughed together and played together.  It's important to have the Lord as my best friend, so I can have fun even if I feel alone.  sometimes, I think about how much fun it's going to be to only have ONE roommate, who'll probably hate me every once in a while, and I'll just have to keep being happy and keep finding ways to bring the Spirit into our companionship.  That's okay, it's a learning process, and I'm sure there'll be times when my wife hates me, so preparation, right?!  Hahaha. 
Also, I don't know if I've said this already, but that's alright.  I've realized so strongly that everything is about Joseph Smith and the Restoration.  Not to discredit all the other stuff we teach, because without the Atonement, none of our lives would mean anything.  But, I keep thinking back to conversations I had with my semi-Anti-LDS friend, who would nitpick at the rules.  Who would say that it's stupid how we don't drink coffee and horrid that we're so, in her word, "sexist."  Really, the truth is, IF Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, and IF he translated the Book of Mormon through God's power, then none of those little things matter.  This is God's Church on the earth today, and we should be so thankful that we have a prophet to help us receive eternal life.  The little things HAVE explanations, if you accept that Joseph Smith saw God and this Church is lead by our Savior today.  That's why it's called the Church of Jesus Christ.  If you really have a testimony of joseph Smith, the little stuff doesn't matter, just remember who's in charge (that's Jesus Christ).  If you don't have a testimony of Joseph Smith seeing God, then by golly, read that Book of Mormon and ASK your Father in Heaven, who giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not.  It's a message that will bring you and your family so much happiness, as long as you continue to do what the prophets say.
Phew.  I can't wait to tell people about this message.  Sorry if I'm soapboxy, but that's what I'm here to do, is teach, right?  Anyway, I don't know who that was directed at, I just wanted to share it.
Another thing my President has been telling me is to figure out the difference between John 3:3 and john 3:5.  look it up, it's fun.  A little difficult.  I've also been thinking about the difference between transgression and sin and studying Mosiah 2-5.  What kind of king saves his whole city from damnation?  A good one, that's for sure. 
Mom, I think it's funny that you said thanks for letting you be part of my mission.  We both know that without you, I wouldn't be here at all.
I love you all!
Have a fantastic week, and I'll talk to you later!

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