Dec 4, 2011

Email 12/1/11

Sounds like Thanksgiving was fun :) I had some weird tasting apple pie, but it was good.  I was happy. Becca, I wanna play soccer with you!  Keep kicking butt, okay?  And we'll see if you can kick my butt when I get back.  The turkey was delicious, and I really like the temple.

CCM-Centro para la Capacitacion Misonal... or something like that.  MTC in Spanish.  Esmé is my car, and I was esxpressing thanks that you were driving her around.  The Latino missionaries showed up, and I can keep up if they speak relatively slowly.  It's pretty nice.  Ooh, could you also send me some American stamps (I need them for the pouch) and a long sleeve shirt that actually fits me? They don't... have good ones here.  Everyonés short.  You should've seen me in the temple today, they gave me a big FAT shirt.  THe sleeves were too short, but the collar was gigantic.  And I need stamps to write people letters in the states.  I think Courtney's engaged already cuz I haven't gotten letters from her in the last two weeks, but I still have some other friends I'd like to write.

I like having hermanas here.  They have a nice calming influence over all these crazy crazy elders.  It's nice to have someone half sane to talk to, because all my roommates are silly guys.  I'm glad you like all the new stuff, Mom.  Becca didn't go to church?  Come on, Cheese, I'm spending two years straight at church, you can't go once a week?  Well, I'm glad the tree's going up, that's fun.  What's your favorite ornament, Cheese?

So, the holidays here should be interesting.  They celebrate Dec. 24 more than Christmas, I don't know why. It will be a little rough, not being with all of you on Christmas morning, but what I'm doing is the real reason we celebrate Christmas--Preaching the gift of Christ to the world.  So, I feel like I'll be pretty okay.  I definitely know I'm being sustained day by day by the Lord.  I have energy I never thought possible, and am learning things at such a deep level, and spanish at such a fast pace.

In other news, I'm sick.  Last night was horrible.  There's a fever/flu going around, so I have a headache, I'm super cold, and I have a cough.  But, it's not as bad as I make it sound, I'm pretty okay.  You know me, flare for dramatic. Mission President's wife gave me some ibuprofen, I've been drinking a lot, I got a blessing.  I feel like it'll be gone by this time tomorrow, no worries.  I'll let you know about the Christmas traditions after I'm out in the field, experiencing them :)

Oh, I'm living up to our name, "Taylor." Assuming it originated from "Tailor," that is.  One of my pockets tore off a little bit, so I sewed it, and today I went to the temple in white pants that I HEMMED MYSELF.  Yeah, you read that right.  I hemmed pants.  I felt like such a woman. In a strong, apt, cool way. It was exciting.

Well, I'm doing alright, is the moral of the story.  We went to the Supermercado, and I picked up all kinds of things I need.  Will you tell me how much it drained out of my account?  I'm still trying to figure out if it's cheaper to withdraw cash from ATMs or just pay with my card (cuz you know, conversion rates).  If there were no extra fees, it would be about $61 (Dont worry, i got some oreos and found a cool tie!  Plus, study materials that I needed).  Their supermercado is a giant walmart.  okay, same size as walmart.  Has everything.

Anyway, love you all.  I think I'm gonna go take a nap now.  Have a good week!
Aah, By the way, I didn't get a package.  Thanks for sending it, it'll probably come soon.  Love you all!
And one more thing, while I'm waiting for my companero.  Dad, I so appreciate you.  Like, I never realized how you always have a really good attitude, especially about scary things.  I don't think you're afraid of anything.  Lots of people here are ornery, grumpy.  I really miss having you around.  I find myself gravitating toward President Glazier, because he really reminds me of you.  I wish you were here to guide me along the way, but I know I gotta do it for myself.  And I know Christ is helping me out.  But, I want you to know, you're really a great dad, and I miss you lots.


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