Feb 5, 2012

Trent's email 2/1/12

Today´s been a good day.  I wrote a long letter to Courtney, ate pancakes with another companionship nearby, cleaned the house pretty well, washed my clothes, and now I´m writing you guys.  Soon, we´re going shopping in Calle del Sol.  I don´t actually think I´ll buy anything (mostly because I left my money in the house) but it´ll be fun to walk around and see what´s going on in this crazy country.  And then we´ll probably eat something delicious, and the bishop is going to go tracting with us tonight, so that´s a bonus.  The bishop´s really excited about mission work.
Yes, it´s going REALLY Fast.  I was telling my companion yesterday that I can´t believe I´ve been here as long as I was at Burger King. Burger King was nuts, and this is actually fun.  Today is transfer day, but all new missionaries stay with their trainers for two transfers. A bunch of new missionaries came yesterday, and Elder Frometa and I had the opportunity to go on splits with them (they came to our area with us and I went to some appointments with one and Elder Frometa went to some appointments with others).  I love meeting new people, so that was cool.  I went out with Elder Velasquez, from Guatemala.  He was very timid, but a good missionary.  It was a good challenge to be in charge for awhile, I really had to stretch myself.  I liked it.
During that split, we had a really cool discussion with Moisés.  He´s 14, and he´s already committed to being baptized, but we talked about Joseph Smith, and he realized how important it really is to have a testimony about him.  More or less the same thing happened with Lyna, a strong catholic 17 year old.  It was cool to see her change a little, to understand the importance of the Restoration.  And we found a few girls who are partiers, we started teaching them. They´re really smart, and they like learning about the stuff we´re teaching them, but they´re kind of ´tigre´, as we say here.  Just got a lot of attitude.  It´s perfect for elder Frometa, because he knows lots of people just like them in New Jersey.  He throws the attitude right back at them, it´s really fun to watch them battle about the word of wisdom and stuff like that.  They said they´re going to keep the word of wisdom for a week.  WE´ll see how it goes.  It´s ¨carnival¨here, which is apparently a month long mardi gras, so it´ll be an extra challenge for us.  Anacaona´s coming slowly.  Quitting smoking.  One of our less active members, Silvia, really wants to quit smoking and come back to church, and her daughter in law wants to get baptized, so we´ll see how that goes.
Will you guys keep an eye on my account??  Something weird happened last week, I actually think that the package you sent me took a chunk of my money, so I had to live off of my own money last week.  I don´t know what´s going on, but I´ll figure it out today.
Mom, I´m glad you´re enjoying school!  I love you, and I hope you guys are praying together and reading the scriptures every night.  IF every family would do that, this world would be SUCH a better place.  The families that do that grow so much as families and learn so much about the gospel.  Maybe you can remember that I´m spending two years trying to get people to do that kind of stuff when you don´t feel like spending 10 minutes a day doing it.
Love you all!  Have a fantastic week!
We hardly ever eat dinner.  If we do, it´s just a quick snack like the penguinos.  They don´t actually have penguinos here, but I just recently discovered Mamut, which is basically a smoretype thing.  IT´s pretty delicious.  And our electricity´s out for some reason today, so I got to do my laundry by hand this morning.  That was an experience.  I never realized how blessed we were for these things.  Okay, okay, when I said I cross the street like a maniac, I mean that I cross the street well.  At good times. Safely, smartly, but quickly.  So no one needs to worry.  Thank you for the advice about friends!
Okay, I have a question for you.  I´m getting frustrated.  So, this is God´s true church.  Why does He make it so hard for people to recognize that?  I have lots of investigators that are praying and praying and they´re just not getting their answers.  What am I doing wrong??  I just don´t get why we have this truth, but it´s not growing because people aren´t receiving their answers, or whatever.
Elder Taylor.

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