Feb 12, 2012

Trent's email 2/8/12

Haha, so Dad´s worried about my time on the email.  Alright, I´ll
write you all one big email.  I guess I had enough time to respond to
everyone (remember, I´m a fast typer) and I don´t have many people to
write anyway.  I was writing Becca back individually, too.  We get an
hour to do email, and we´re only allowed to email family, plus the
Mission President to give him our weekly report, so it´s really not
hard to email all of you individually.  However, I´m kind of a sinner,
because I write some missionaries in other countries, and also Zoe and
Tiffany (Diener).  They never specified what kind of family, I figured
blood and temple sealings both count as valid types of family.  And
Cody doesn´t have mail, so I guess I´m in a little gray area with that
Well, I´m trying to think what to share.  I feel like nothing too
exciting has happened... except we did have a baptism.  That was
weird, because it was a kid that we weren´t really working on or
focusing on (because he just didn´t seem ready) but all of a sudden,
he changed.  He wanted to really learn, he wanted to be baptized
really badly. He´s a little weird, but he has a huge desire to serve a
mission, and he finally figured out that he needs to take our lessons
seriously to do that.  So, we finished teaching him last week and
baptized him.  His name´s Anthony, he´s 19.  We also found out that
Lidiana, a fourteen year old little sister of a member is NOT a
member.  She´d attended church a few times, but we figured she was
just semiactive.  So, we´re gonna get her going, too.  She reminds me
of Becca sometimes.
Oh, hey, can I have some toothpaste in the next package??  I don´t
like spending very much money for that kind of stuff...  Oh, and
here´s the thing with the packages.  From what I can tell, it´s about
the same price either way---you guys pay a lot to send it to the DR,
or I pay a lot to send it to Florida--so, you might as well use
Florida and just give me some extra money in my account so I still
have money to eat.  Because, in the end, Florida will get it there
quicker with a lot less risk (apparently only the US Postal service
touches FL packages).
I´ve learned so much out here.  Love everyone, forgive everything, the
importance of the ¨little things¨ in the church like studying the
scriptures every day, the real meaning of faith, what diligence and
hard work are, why we fast.  I haven´t DONE all these things,
personally, not yet.  but I´m seeing people give me the LAMEST excuses
for not coming to sacrament, or even semi-good excuses, and realizing
that there are so FEW good reasons to NOT go to church.  I plan to be
a lot more diligent with my faith when I get home.
furthermore, I realized that I don´t have very much faith, as a
person.  I mean, I never doubt that God´s watching out for me, or that
He helps, but I guess I don´t really rely on the Lord very often.
Sometimes, I start to think that He´s just standing back and watching,
and if I work really hard, he´ll intervene every once in awhile.
Sometimes, I don´t even know if He´s there.  But I need to remember a
quote I heard from someone, somewhere, that said that The Lord wants
to bless us more than we want His blessings, but we have to use our
agency to ask for His blessings, and He´ll pour them out on us.
That´s what I want to get.  I want the Lord´s guidance in every step.
I want to know when I need to knock on a certain door, or when I need
to hurry to a certain appointment, or what we should talk about.  I
need to develop that faith that the Lord´s going to help me in EVERY
step of His work.  I am His servant, after all.  I just need to tune
in, and He´ll help me.
Other than that, we´re still fighting with our investigators.  So few
come to Church, even though they promise and promise and promise
they´ll be there.  People are very hospitable here, and rarely
sincere.  Or easily persuaded.  So, we´ll keep looking for people that
want to come back.  We did some tracting around the house just
recently and found a man who basically lodges poor people in his house
(nine of them live there, and it´s a nice house).  We also found an
inactive who was delighted to receive us back into his house.  I think
some of them just forget how they felt, and let the embarrasment of
going back stop them from attending church again.  Hopefully we´ll
remind him how good Sacrament feels, and he´ll come back.

Haha, it was really fun to be in charge of the area for awhile, to
show the new guy what to do.  Elder Frometa has taught me well--I
taught with confidence and love for the investigator.  At least that´s
what the new kid told me.  I´m doing pretty good in Spanish.  Some
days better than others.  If I´m paying attention, I generally
understand everything.  Sometimes I still have to ask people to speak
slower, and I learn lots of new words every day, but I´m pretty much
there, able to communicate.  And every country in south and central
America speaks spanish except brazil, they speak portuguese.  At least
to the best of my knowledge.  And there are some islands out here in
the Caribbean that speak french.  But Guatemala speaks Spanish, so he
didn´t have problems with that.

I´m being well taken care of.  Miquelle Leslie and her family sent me
a nice package of good treats (thank you!) and the Newells wrote me a
whole stack of DearElder letters.  Everyone was really jealous at the
Zone meeting when they handed me so many letters (thanks, Newells!)
We had French Toast this morning, Elder Jenks and Elder Lowe came over
from Rafey to eat with us.  We hang out with them on P'days, do our
shopping and stuff together.  I just got my haircut, I like having
almost no hair.  I really love it here, and I can´t believe that
almost four months of my mission are already over.  I´ll keep working
hard for you guys, if you´ll keep working on praying together!  Don´t
worry, I´m not upset. I just know how important it is to keep praying
together.  Love you all!!

oh, and that CD that Grammy gave me from the Nashville Tribute Band is
the BOMB.  I listen to it all the time, and my companion won´t stop
listening to one of the songs on the CD.  If you guys find more CDS
that are focused directly on missionary work (that aren´t hymns), I´d
love it if you could send them to me.  They´re really inspirational

Take care, and keep me posted!
Elder Taylor.

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