Mar 4, 2012

Trent's email 2/29/12

Fantastic to hear from both of you :)  THis week has gone by
extraordinarily fast, even as far as weeks go around here.  Soon, I'll
probably have a new companion. Yach.  It's been good, though, still
growing a lot, and happy to be here :)
First, business.  That package cost me about $20 from my "apoyo," so
I'm taking out $20 from my personal account to make up for it.  Also,
I don't need tennis shoes out here, but if you can find room in my
boxes at home, that'd be great.  Also, before I forget, my companion
thinks Dad's cool, with all the stuff I tell him about.  Like, theater
rooms, and iPhones, and stuff.  I also realized that when I get back,
Dad and I need to basketball it up.  So get ready, mi viejo, cuz I'ma
take you down.  (love you :)
Wow, poor Dr. Dean, playing the same song with Becca and me.  Ah, how
I miss playing the piano.
So, we're going to Costco today (it's actually called pricesmart, but
I'm almost certain they're the same company). It's the hang out spot
when we have our designated "pday in santiago," which means we get to
go anywhere we want in the mission.  I'ma buy more raisin bran.

I think there's a little less than `120 missionaries, but it's close.
There's very, very rarely a conference with the whole mission because
President likes hearing and talking to the missionaries, so he can
apply his wisdom directly to our experiences.  We do Zone conferences
with the President every other transfer (transfer-six weeks), and the
Zone has about 30 missionaries.  It's cool.  I like them.  When I'm
done training, we'll only have 1 hour of companion study every day.
And I really like this firm schedule, it makes me feel way more
productive.  Takes some discipline at first, but that's what the MTC's
Wow, 100% on Pharmacology!  That's fantastic.  I remember taking lots
of tests thinking I didn't do so well, and then surprising myself.
THose are the best :)

So, this week I started reading Jesus the Christ.  And it is
fantastic.  I so miss the intellectual world of college, so it's
really fun to read James E. Talmage talk about what happened during
the Life of Christ.  I'm learning all sorts of things that I never
realized (I think I need to finish reading the New Testament), and
there are some really cool images and discussions in that book.
Apparently (according to my companion), Albert Einstein and James E.
Talmage were friends, and Einstein said that Talmage was the smartest
man he ever knew.  BUt, my companion also says lots of things that I
don't know if I can trust... It's hard around here, because we don't
get the opportunity to research the internet or anything, so a lot of
our information is hearsay (outside of the standard works and the
mission library).  So, yeah, if someone feels like looking up random
quotes.  While you're at it, will you find out if missionaries in ALL
countries get the same amount of support money?  I've heard otherwise,
but my companion says every mission gets the same.  We get almost $100
on the 1st and 15th of every month.  Just wondering.  and also, I
wonder if there are any ATMs here that I can use that won't charge my
personal account with Chase?  Okay, that's all.
Dad, what you said is so true about "loving them into baptism." Hardly
anyone remembers what the missionaries tell them, but the Spirit is
what converts people.  I've been trying so hard this week to just
bring the Spirit into our lessons, through our testimony, through my
obedience to the little rules, and through the scriptures.  It's
amazing how well we can teach if we just do those three simple
things-We've had a lot of success just in the past two days because
I've changed my style.  Hopefully that'll turn into good fruit,
meaning baptism.  Also, we've been finding new investigators like
crazy.  We're just running in circles with many of the ones we have
right now, so it's been fun to change it up quite a bit.  Hopefully
we'll get some to church soon :)
I've been studying lately in Alma 45-60ish.  Captain Moroni is SUCH a
boss.  Wow, so confident and willing to do what he needs to do to
accomplish the Lord's will at any moment, I love hearing about it.  I
wanna be like Captain Moroni!  And Teancum, also awesome, and Helaman,
and the sons of Helaman.  Man, I love those chapters!
Spanish is coming really well.  I find myself translating for the new
missionaries every once in awhile, which is nice because I remember
being there three months ago.
Ooh, I just remembered.  We have a picture of the seventy, and there's
this one guy that I think looks just like me.  Carlos A Godoy.  Tell
me what you guys think.
Speaking of people that look just like me, Tiffany Diener sent me a
package, and enclosed her senior picture.  We definitely have pretty
much the same face, and my companion says she's hot, so I guess I make
a prettier girl than I do a guy.  It's cool to see that sort of stuff.
Well, life's fantastic here.  STill eating lots of fresh pineapple and
stuff like that.  I've been so happy this week, I think it's because
we're changing things up and because I've had a stronger portion of
the SPirit with me this week.
I know this is the Lord's work.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is a
prophet.  I know Christ came and died for us, and we are now in His
Church, progressing so we can become like Him.  I'm so happy to have
the opportunity to help build His kingdom, and to be built in the
process.  I love this mission.  And, I know this gospel is made for
families, like us.  Thanks for being such a wonderful family to have.
Elder Taylor
P.S. No worries.  Two years are gonna fly by.

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