Mar 25, 2012

Trent's email 3/21/12

How is Elder Sweeney?How long has he been out on his mission?
Mom, Dad!
Thanks for the update, both of you.  I sure appreciate it.  Except
tell me more about the politics stuff!  And Courtney said there's some
stuff going down with Anne Frank's temple work and Randy Bott saying
inappropriate things to the Washington Post.  I want to know about
this kind of stuff, guys!
Mom, I'm proud of you for doing school!  I hope you're having a fun
time, even though it's difficult.  Pretty jealous of vacation, not
jealous of the cold.  It's hard to give 100% when you're feeling good,
I can't imagine trying to work this hard through being sick.  It's
hot, but at least my immune system's keeping me protected well.
As for Elder Sweeney and I, we have our ups and downs.  He's not as
mellow as I thought he was at first, but still pretty mellow.  It's
weird, I'm just really used to the way Frometa does things, and
sometimes Sweeney gets on my nerves.  But, it's okay, it's all about
patience and learning, right?  He's a fantastic missionary, and I'm
glad I get the chance to work with him.  His spanish is also
impressively good, inspires me to keep studying and working at it.
mom, you're definitely right about inviting the Spirit.  That's
basically what Elder Bednar taught us--bring the SPirit, and get out
of the way.  You guys can't really teach anyway, you're 19 years old.
It's true.
I'm glad there's so much good news with the family!  But I definitely
don't agree, living in Kanab would not be fun.  Too quiet.  Then
again, we walked out in the field last night and it was BEAUTIFUL to
be out of the city for awhile.  I never appreciated how nice it is in
St. George, with the mellow city, and so much wilderness nearby.
Pueblo Nuevo really is crazy.  Elder Sweeney came from the mountains
in "Bonao" and he has lots of trouble sleeping here. I've become an
incredibly deep sleeper, which is a skill I've always kind of wanted.
So, we've had some fantastic experiences this week.  First of all, we
have to buy filtered water from the corner store (henceforth will be
referred to as a "colmado"), and on our way back, my companion broke
one of the four big bottles we have.  That was last week.  Good
starting point.  It was actually really funny.  But, the next day, we
were contacting (aka trying to find more people to teach) and he
walked right up to a door, knocked on it, and the guy answered and
said, "I prayed last night, one of the very few times in my life that
I've prayed.  I prayed that I could get a job so I could fix my
relationship with my wife, and also that God would help me know if I'm
doing anything wrong.  Today, I got a phone call for an interview, and
I don't think it's a coincidence that you guys knocked on my door."
His name's Anthony, his wife's name is Janet or Yanet, we're not sure.
so, that was a fantastic tracting experience.  We'll see how that
goes.  Right after that, we went up to the next floor in the apartment
building, an American answered, we said, "Hello!" and she said, "I'm
not interested, bye."  Then, closed the door.  One of the warmest
welcomes and one of the rudest rejections I've experienced so far,
back to back.  THere you go, Mom, you asked for experiences last week
Also, also, there's one part of our area (really, it's just two
streets) that's full of houses.  I think I mentioned it before, makes
me feel like I'm in America.  Well, the little bit of contacting we've
done over there proved to be really difficult.  On Saturday, we were
nearby, and it started to POUR rain.  We were hiding under an awning,
but I remembered something someone told me in the MTC: "Dominicans
think that if you get wet in the rain, you'll get sick.  If you're
tracting in the rain, they WILL Invite you in.  It's like, Dominican
law.  they always yell 'no se mojan!'"  So, I said, "comp, let's go
get in some difficult houses."  So, we went to "parte bermudez"
(aforementioned difficult area).  We got rejected by three different
houses, even though we were soaking wet.  I filled out our personal
information (names, cell phone number) while my comp talked to a woman
who was in her garage who didn't invite us in, and I almost couldn't
write.  She didn't invite us in.  But, we arrived at one house where
they finally let us in.  The parents are architects, the oldest
daughter is 13 and speaks perfect English (mom too, she's from Puerto
Rico) and they are the most beautiful family.  My companion keeps
dreaming about him as a stake president.  The mom saw some of the
commercials about the family when they were running here (I think in
the 90s) and her dad was really good friends with some missionaries
when she was a kid, so she's excited.  We left them a book of mormon.
We're going back today to talk to them again, and we're really
So, that's the mission work in Pueblo Nuevo.  Love you all, keep me
updated, gotta go!
Elder Taylor

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