Apr 29, 2012

Trent's email 4/25/12

Glad to hear that everything went well with the FO memorial.  How's Chris??  He's the only cousin that I actually know, so I just wanted to know if you saw him.  But, a trip to Cali is always fun, and I imagine Dad had less of a headache because I wasn't there to argue with Becca for the 13 hour drive.  A huge buffet also sounds wonderful.  I haven't had quite that big of a selection for awhile.

Congrats on passing the lab final, Mom.  What's Becca learning about Poland? I feel like it was superbly affected by World War II, and probably still hasn't completely recovered from that. That's so cool that she's doing a bunch of big projects!  They're such good ways to learn about people.  I still remember a few things about Walt Disney, when I did a report on him... I don't remember ANYTHING about Panama, even though I did a report on that, too.  

Tennis Elbow??  What is that? All I think of is "operation," the game, and I know Dad doesn't play tennis, and I also don't feel like he does too many things that involve using his elbow too intensely.  But of COURSE Dad isn't taking a break.  He'd go with a body cast, as long as he still could use his arms and see.  Layton?? I've never really seen us as Layton people.  Then again, we're not really Spanish Fork people.  I don't even know if we're St. George people.  We're just people, without a permanent home.  Too awesome for Spanish Fork, too tranquil for Las Vegas... Just people.  

Physically, I don't think I've changed too much.  Maybe.  I don't know, I still think I look the same as I did when I was in 7th grade, but I also know that's not really true.  Mentally, I've changed a whole lot.  You develop a lot of patience and a good sense of humor (or, some people just get ornery and complainy) when you have to spend a couple days without light, and all the food you had in the fridge goes bad, or when you have to leave to preach without having showered, or having to live 24/7 with someone that you've never met before.  You learn a lot about people when you talk to them all day, meeting new ones, and trying to see the good in everyone so you can bring it out and help it grow.  You learn a lot about the blessings of the Lord when you've abandoned everything and everyone you've ever known to talk about the Gospel in a place you've never been, and you're happier than ever in your whole life. I love the mission.  I don't know how people really grow up without these two years.  

Mom, don't worry about all the people I'm teaching.  Just worry about the experiences.  That's really the only thing I feel like I can do here--we have had so many investigators progressing really really well, and we get really excited for them, and then they disappear.  Stop showing up to church, stop answering their phone, are "not there" when we go by their house...  We just can't focus too much time on one person.  That's why the mission President wants us to contact 10 people every day-investigator turnover rate here is insane.  You just can't balance all the things we have to do sometimes, so you just end up doing what the President says and hoping people keep their commitments.  That's the biggest thing--get members involved to help out certain investigators, and then commit them to do things, and when they don't do things, tell them how upset you are and how upset God is, and hope they change, and if they don't change, stop going back for a little while, and try again later.  That's basically how the mission work is here.  President says that often, people progress better when we're not passing by than when we pass by every day. So, the point is, don't try to keep track of my investigators, cuz it's a rough job for me, and I'm living it.

But, Anthony is doing SO well!  If you don't remember, he was one we contacted basically Elder Sweeney's first day here.  "Elder Taylor, have you contacted this apartment?" "No-" he was already on the second floor, knocking on a door.  The guy who answered had prayed the night before to know if he needed to change something in his life.  That's Anthony.  He and his wife Janet came to Church this week, with their daughters Amy and Mia.  He's a video game nerd, and he loves Big Bang Theory in English (he understands REALLY WELL), and she works in Marketing.  She loved Church, and they're set to be baptized on the 12th if all goes well.  We were supposed to have a baptism with Abraham, a 16 year old, but he decided he didn't want to keep the law of Chastity, so he told us that he didn't want us to keep coming back.  He was progressing super well, but sometimes people let their own decisions stop what God wants for them.  

I'm still in Pueblo Nuevo, but Elder Sweeney moved up to Zone Leader.  I'm with Elder Rodriguez, a small, quiet Dominican who's got a year and five months.  He's cool... but I feel a little... separated from him.  I don't know if it's his reserved personality or the fact that I don't understand him very well when he talks to me or what, but hopefully I'll learn a lot about relying on the Lord this transfer.  I've always been most afraid of living with a companion that doesn't want to talk to me very much.  Also, Elder Jenks (we were in the CCM together) got sent to Bonao, which is about an hour from here and in the mountains. That's weird, cuz we've been together since basically the beginning, and now he's gone.  I didn't really like him all that much when we started, but now I feel like he's really my brother.  He's a good kid.  And now he's far away.  Also, some of the Elders that I've really looked up to since I started my mission are finishing, and it makes me feel like I'm gonna really have to step up pretty soon-missionaries are gonna start looking up to me.

Anyway, that's mission life, here in Santiago.  Everyone says that this is such a fantastic area, and they're all jealous.  I guess I don't see it yet because I'm in my first area still, but it seems pretty average.  Actually, sometimes it seems a little weak.  But, it's okay.  I'm having a blast, and learning a ton, and I feel like I'm becoming an effective missionary, even if the baptisms aren't coming as quickly as I'd like.  Hope you get my pictures, like, tomorrow or Friday!  Love you all!

Oh, as far as packages go, if you put any money in the easter package, it was swiped by customs, because I didn't find any.  Just hide it better next time- sneakily slip it in a snickers or something.  By the way, comparing Cadbury eggs and Peanut M&Ms, I decided that M&Ms kind of are cheap chocolate, and Cadbury eggs are to die for.  Also, if you guys could send me some, like, instant chocolate pudding packs and spaghetti seasoning and cool things like that, I'd be excited.  I was looking for both those things in the store today, but couldn't find them.

I love you guys!
Have a fantastic week!
Elder Taylor

Apr 22, 2012

Trent's email 4/18/12

Mom!  Dad!

And here we are!  Six months in tomorrow, and I can´t believe how fast
it´s flown by.  It seems like almost nothing has happened since I
wrote you guys last time, but we´ll see what I can think of.
Today very well could´ve been my last Pday in Pueblo Nuevo, so we went
around taking pictures of cool things in the area.  I´m sorry I
haven´t sent any pictures up til now, but with this new camera that
Dad sent me I´ve been taking pictures of everything and everyone.  I
also just sent you and Courtney a bunch of pictures through the mail,
and they should get there quickly.  It´s really just a pain to send
pictures through the email because the internet´s slow, and I'm always
worrying about writing people.  So, I printed off pictures, and sent
them, and when I get home, you guys can see all kinds of cool pictures
from my mission.  But, I did my best!  I´m sorry.
This week I did an intercambio (exchange) with Elder De Leon, who is
from Texas, whose sister is serving in Hungary (Shout out to Justin
Crandall, if he´s reading this).  He´s one of the nicest, quietest
guys in the whole world, and a very good missionary.  He´s been out
for a year and nine months, and he´s such a humble guy.  He cleaned
the house quite a bit, and so it motivated me to clean more.  We had a
couple of effective lessons and we´re hoping that everyone will keep
Abraham was supposed to get baptized this coming Saturday, but Stake
Conference was full so he just left.  And so he can´t get baptized
yet, Elder Sweeney and I have agreed.  A week more in church.  He´s
always willing, but sometimes he gets discouraged.  We just need to
help him get a little excitement even though his best friend is
currently inactive in the church.
Our other couples are doing well!  We set a fecha with Anthony and
Janet to get baptized on the fifth of May (I always laugh when I say
¨Cinco de Mayo,¨ but it´s not a holiday here), and they both agreed
and are excited to pray about the Book of Mormon.  Also, I don´t know
if I mentioned Yudelkis, but she´s a single mom who shared a TON with
the sister missionaries when they were in Pueblo Nuevo.  One day, we
were walking down the street, and we passed by a girl and said hi.  I
noticed she was looking at us curiously, so I asked her if she knew
us.  She said, ¨My mom shared a lot with the sister missionaries,¨ so
we met Yudelkis.  Her kids know SO MUCH About the Church, like,
Jefferson (is twelve) knows more than most of the members.  They
really came all the time with the sisters, but I think the father of
her children still has a lot of control over her, even though he
doesn´t live there.  So, once he gives her permission, she will get
baptized.  She didn´t drink this weekend, and she showed up to church
with two of her three kids (the second was apparently being a
turdpie), and the father says that he needs to see a real change in
her before she can get baptized, so I guess it´s going well.  We
weren´t expecting her to show up, but she did!  It´s amazing to see
how people really just start repenting on their own, and how all the
work the sisters did has a lot of momentum to bring her back.  We´re
working hard with her now.
One of the biggest things we´ve been focusing on this week is meeting
lots of people!  We´re supposed to meet 10 people a day so we always
have a constant flow and rotation of investigators... in this country,
lots of people say yes but few people keep up the commitment.  This
way, we always have a chance to find people who are going to keep
their commitments.
Oh, I gave my first ¨capacitation,¨ which is like, instructing a
little group of missionaries on a certain topic.  My comp has to do
one every week, and he didn´t want to prepare it this week, so he
asked me to do it in his place, and I talked about the what, how, and
why, of meeting ten people every week (it´s a lesson format I got from
Sister Newell, who writes me often.  Thank you, Sister Newell!)  It
went well, but people are a little disrespectful sometimes...
especially 20 year old kids.  Also, I needed to get more participation
and less instructing.  But, I learned a lot, and it was fun.
Also, Elder Sweeney was sick on Sunday, so we didn´t leave the house,
but we must be working well because we still taught more lessons all
week than the other two areas in our district.  I feel good about our
effectiveness as missionaries, and I love learning every day.  That´s
the best part of the mission.  I'm really becoming a better person.
More respectful.  More understanding.  More diligent.  Maybe a little
dumber, but I trust the Lord will make up for that.
So, I´m still studying Spanish grammar, but I decided that I want to
learn French too, before I get home.  Could you guys maybe find me a
basic French study book with lots of practices, and send it to me? As
soon as I finish the exercises in the Spanish book I got from the MTC,
I want to be able to study French, and maybe I´ll even get a Haitian
companion who can help me learn!
OH, Elder Sweeney and I cleaned the house like crazy today, so it
looks beautiful.  I LOVE having a clean house.  I´m gonna try to get
all my companions to do an hour of cleaning with me on PDays.  Lots of
missionaries are super strict, not only on themselves, but their
companions, too.  I feel like bothering other missionaries so they
can´t sleep makes it harder for them to make their own decisions.  I
was thinking about how they really just isolate us here on the
mission, and we get to choose how we´re gonna behave ourselves, even
when other people don´t want to follow the rules, or we´re not being
watched very well.  I'm learning a ton, and developing self discipline
for the sake of doing what God wants me to, instead of doing it for
peer pressure.
Elder Sweeney and I have decided to have an American Lunch week.
We´ve been making Domincan food A LOT, so we can go home with
attractive foreign cooking skills so we can impress women, but we make
lots of mistakes and sometimes we end up eating really notsodelicious
food.  This week, we´re gonna make Spaghetti, tacos, hamburgers,
crepes, and finishing off the week with Domino´s.  It´s very possible
that I'm getting a Latin comp next week, so I figured it´d be good to
go out from my American lifestyle with a bang.

Thank you SO MUCH for the easter package, it has made myself and Elder
Sweeney extremely happy out here.  Chocolate is expensive, and
American chocolate is even harder to find.  It´s always nice to have a
little bit of free relief.  Be careful if you´re going to send me
cash, though, the last one got inspected by customs.

Anyway, I love you all!  Have a fantastic weekend with Grammy and
Grandpa, know that I'd be there if I could!  Tell grammy that she has
excellent taste in ties, the two she sent me are probably my
favorites.  See you all later!

Apr 17, 2012

Trent's email 4/11/12

So, guess what.  In about three weeks, I´ll get to skype you guys =)
In other news, I´m stoked that Romney´s gonna win it and that the party has decided to step down, Thanks Dad for sending me a Camera, and Becca´s just as crazy as ever, but that´s good. I hope you guys enjoyed Phantom, that´s super exciting.  I realized, and told my comp this week, that the two things I miss the most about the states are 1) being able to buy a candy bar whenever you want and 2) being able to just go anywhere, just drop whatever I was doing and go do something fun.  The mission is definitely rewarding, but we are very limited on our activities, ESPECIALLY on days that aren´t Preparation Days.
But, it´s definitely what´s supposed to go down.  Elder Sweeney hit his year and 6 months last week, so we went to McDonald´s to celebrate Wednesday night.
Now, remember, I´m in a third world country with a lack of education on food hygiene.  They spend lots of time in the MTC telling us not to eat in any place that looks shabby, and never in a cart from the side of the road, and always make sure the members of the ward are cooking safely, and to bleach all our fruits and vegetables.  I´ve been meticulous about that stuff.  Never would´ve thought I´d get my first case of food poisoning from McDonalds.  I couldn´t leave the house all day on Thursday because I was disgustingly sick.  I decided that it was a punishment from God for being out later than 10:30 for McDonalds.  Man, it wasn´t fun.
But, today, I am 100%.  The flu-cold that I had is completely gone, and the food poisoning was gone on Friday.  So, yeah.
I brought my journal, though, to share some cool experiences I´ve had this week.
I did three intercambios in the last two weeks.  Elder Sweeney´s District leader, which means he´s basically in charge of Pueblo Nuevo (our area), and two other areas, Rafey and El Ejido.  He´s supposed to make sure the missionaries are working well and investigators are progressing, and also that the missionaries are getting along and doing their best to be successful.  Last monday, Elder Jenks from Rafey came here; he´s in my ¨group¨ which means that he and I started the mission on the same day, and he was in my ¨district¨ in Provo (This is the same one that comes over every pday to eat lunch or whatever, he´s from California and really chill).  That was cool, he makes a delicious chocolate peanutbutter banana shake.  I love bananas now, by the way.  LOVE them.  But, he doesn´t like to talk much in lessons.  Like at all.  So that was weird, cuz I was basically teaching alone.
Sometimes, I get really angry.  People say things, and sometimes they´re really stupid things.  Like, there´s a verse in Matthew that says, ¨After John are fulfilled the law and the prophets,¨ or something like that, so people think that it means that there will never be another prophet after John the Revelator, when, if anyone REALLY reads the chapter, it´s talking about John the Baptist, and how the Law of Moses and the prophecies of the prophets from the Old Testament are fulfilled when Jesus Christ comes.  It´s just so obvious, but people use it as though we´re completely equivocated.  Also, one guy said that Joseph Smith can´t be a prophet because he had lots of women, and I asked him about Solomon, and he said, ¨but Solomon repented of that,¨ which is outrageous... because the Bible says his wives and concubines were ordained of God. 
Then, I went to El Ejido with Elder Ruiz, who´s a really old missionary (okay, just as old as Elder Frometa, but with lots of experience and different styles).  I learned a lot about loving the investigators; elder Frometa really liked to tell people that they were wrong, so I guess I picked that up from him.  I did that to a guy we contacted in El Ejido, and Elder Ruiz told me to never do that ever again.  So, I´m adapting my teaching style to be more loving and less harsh. If people are wrong, even if they´re directly offensive, I need to just be open, loving, and help them find a way to see the light of our message.
And this Monday, the Zone Leaders (they´re in charge of 4 districts which basically makes up every ward in our Stake) did an intercambio in Pueblo Nuevo, so I went to their zone with Elder Newbold.  He´s a fantastic musician, loves Rachmaninoff, went to BYU before the mission, is a goofy, Arizona kid.  Definitely the most fun intercambio of the three.  Also, he cooks well, so that was nice.  He made me an egg salad sandwich (hardboiled eggs are really growing on me as well).  He is a very quiet person, though, so I learned to sometimes be a little more mellow when we´re street contacting (that is, knocking door to door).  It all depends on the personality of the person answering the door; gotta use that gift of discernment.
anyway, We´re working.  Yesterday was a fantastic day. We just have so many investigators, families, people with a lot of potential. I´m learning how to help people really see how important the Gospel is to me, so they can desire it for themselves, too.  I love how good it feels when we invite a dad to pray for their family, with their family, for the first time in a long time.  I love people coming to church and being excited about the things they learned. I love telling people that God didn´t die with the Bible, but that there´s a prophet today in this day.  I realized how badly I take the council of the modern day prophet for granted.  I get a little more excited every day to apply all this knowledge in the real world one day.
All this talking with stubborn people has really made me think about how stubborn I am with my beliefs, and how I don´t ever want to deny truth because I think I understand.  I´ve been working really hard looking for truth, reasoning it out, and praying about it.  The Spirit is a fantastic teacher, and really the only one worth listening to.  It´s funny how in church, we talk about the same thing all the time, but by the Spirit, we can learn things EVERY DAY that are directly applicable to our lives, past present and future. I love studying the Gospel. I hope all of you are taking time to read the scriptures.
Anyway, That has been my week.  I´m glad everything´s going well out there, that you guys had fun in Church, that you´re enjoying your freedom to go places and see things.  Elder Sweeney and I have decided to go around and take lots of pictures of our area next week just in case one of us gets transferred out the week after.  Sweeney thinks that I´ll train a new missionary next transfer, so that´d be an experience, but another three months in Pueblo Nuevo, too.  We´ll have to see! I´ll find out Friday if I´m training, and otherwise in two Tuesdays what happens for transfers (which happen the day after we find out what´s going to happen).  Anyway, I love you all!  Keep up the lovin and the havin fun and the writing me!
Elder Taylor!

Apr 10, 2012

Trent's email 4/4/12

Hey, I´m writing quickly.
First of all, the hospital sounds crazy, Mom!  How cool.  I never
would think to do something like that, how good it is that we have
good planning and preparation in the States.  Sometimes, being in this
very developing country makes me feel like no one has the capacity to
function when anything bad happens, and we´re really just doomed when
earthquakes and hurricanes happen.  Go preparedness.  Go first world
Good luck to Lance and Teresa and family!  It´s gotta be crazy, but
that is wonderful that they have family to rely on.
This week has been a little weak, a little sad, actually.  Lots of
people are failing us on the whole meeting thing-not very many people
in this country have a schedule, so we have to be patient and help
them change, but it´s not the funnest thing to do waiting around, or
setting appointments that people don´t show up to, or showing up and
them not having read what we assigned them.  Yeah, it takes a lot of
patience.  And everyone´s bashing on my Spanish this week, all of a
sudden.  I think the world is teaming up against me.  I do talk a
little too fast and unclearly, so I need to work on that.
Elder Holland says, ¨The first thing you need to do when an
investigator tells you that they haven´t read is be dejected!¨  So
we´ve been practicing that.  We´re literally told to look at them in
silence for a little while to make them feel guilty.  It´s very
acting, but I don´t mind.  Nineteen year old boys aren´t very good at
getting the point across most of the time, like helping people
understand the importance their ¨homework¨ is for their salvation.
So, we´re practicing being dejected.  It´s pretty fun, I miss theater.
And it´s a serious problem here, no one likes to read.
But yeah.  Lots of people have failed us on citas, so we´ve just been
contacting a ton of new people, and teaching some ¨first lessons.¨
We had 25 new investigators this week, which is a ridiculously high
number.  Found quite a few families, but it´s hard to tell if anyone´s
going to progress.
But, Diana and Victor are progressing.  Like always, I can´t remember
if I told you about them yet, but Victor (aka Rafy, idk why) is from
the States, and he likes speaking English with us, and Diana´s a
doctor.  Really cool couple, and probably the best parents i´ve seen
in this country.  Very caring.  They´re smart, have lots of questions,
and give us oreos whenever we go over to teach them.  Ah, I love
oreos.  Also, there´s this young punk who seems like he´s almost ready
to turn his life around, we just have to give him a little push.  His
name´s Nelson (aka Tunti) and we met him when he was ¨married,¨ but
they decided it was better that she moved out because his mom is
crazy.  Thanks for not being crazy, mom.  Also, Anthony is still doing
well, has a lot of excitement, and we´re gonna go see him tonight
i´ve been a little sick this week, stuffy nose, headache, cough.
usual cold.  But, it´s almost completely gone right now, just a little
mucus still stuck in my head.  It was a good little trial for me, I
like working through things that are a little more difficult.  Now,
I´m gonna knock on wood so I don´t get MORE trials this week =)
Teaching the gospel to people really is a joy.  When we get to go in
and talk to people about the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, I learn so
much. My testimony grows.  This week, I realized that I´ve wasted a
lot of time trying not to step on other peoples toes, or not offend
other religions, to the point where I´m timid about our declaration of
the truth.  I´m not going to do that anymore.  Our claim is bold, and
will remain so no matter how I present the message.  My attitude of
presentation should reflect the joy that comes with the truth-This is
the true and living Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.  There is no
other way nor means by which man may be saved.  I love telling people
about it, and then challenging them to read the Book of Mormon so they
can know.  The Book of Mormon is a fantastic, happy book.  read it.
Love you all!
Elder Taylor.

Apr 4, 2012

Trent's email 3/28/12

Wow, Dad, yor email had me cracking p.  So, this keyboard is missing a
letter, I gess yo gys can figre ot which one it is.  Sorry.
I can´t believe Becca´s driving a golf cart.  Yeah, I did do some
crazy things in my car.  Those were good times.  Don´t kill anyone,
cheese brain.
But, (I don´t know how the letter worked that time) wow, those two
stories sond pretty normal with all the crazy garbage that I´ve seen
here.  Men are so disrespectfl to women, I can´t believe how far the
world has fallen.  And people jst have all kinds of problems.   There
are so many forty year olds married to eighteen year olds and all
kinds of weird things going on in this world.  We fond ot that one of
the investigators we´ve been visiting sed to get beat by her hsband
every time she came to chrch.  Now, he wants her to start coming, so I
hope it doesn´t start the beatings again. We´ll see.
Anthony and Janet are doing great, Mom.  Well, Anthony is.  We´ve
passed by twice more, and Janet´s jst not arond.  Bt Anthony´s
progressing fantastically.  I´ve never seen sch a hmble person.  Elder
Sweeney says he hasn´t, either.  It´s really a miracle, the way he was
prepared by the Lord.  As for the Architect family, we´ve passed by a
cople times and we´re worried that they don´t wanna hear from s  We´ll
see this weekend if we can get to them.
We´ve fond a cople other new families that we´re pretty excite for, bt
nothing as exciting as last week.  Sorry!  Jst contacting.  Yesterday
I had the worst day, I think it´s becase I went withot reading the
Book of Mormon that day.  One contact we made was a Jehovah´s Witness,
and she was bordering on hostile, and I jst lost it and bashed the JWs
a little bit, and then left.  My comp reglated the sitation more or
less on his way ot, bt we won´t be going back there.  My bad.  Also,
there was this gy who knows a ridiclos amont of chrch history, bt he
has a ¨prayer grop¨ and even thogh he ¨recognizes the athority of yor
chrch on earth,¨ he jst laghs every time we tried to invite him to be
baptized.  I also got sper frstrated with him, bt I jst didn´t say
anything.  It was a bad day, mostly becase I wasn´t being a patient
person.  All in time, right?
Haha, sccess!!  I did write a complaint letter to maltomeal.  Yo shold
send those copons to Cortney, I bet she bys maltomeal.  I know yo
don´t, mom.  I think I was having a bad week, lots of people not
keeping their commitments, so I wanted to see if Maltomeal wold hold
tre to their ¨qality garantee.¨  Wow, I feel so ridiclos withot that
letter.  Blasted keyboard.  Well, I´m happy.
Big black lab, hh_  Labs are cool, bt they chew too mch.  I remember
Dad being really pset when... oakey? Chewed throgh the lawn mower.
I´ll probably get a smaller dog.  Like Kenji.  Breed him!  I´ll by a
pppy when I get back.
Oh, random happenstance of the week.  There was a drnk gy walking down
the street in the middle of the night, and he was yelling things like,
¨I´m so rich!¨  My companion didn´t wake p, bt he was saying things in
response to the drnk gy in his sleep.  It was hilarios.
Also, we´re teaching this cople where the wife´s a doctor and the
hsband´s from new york.  He likes speaking to s in English, bt his
wife doesn´t nderstand, so we sometimes have to remind him to speak
spanish.  I really keep p with people now ays.  My vocab and grammar
still aren´t perfect, bt I´m keeping p.  I nderstand people on the
phone, everything´s really cool.
So, yeah.  Long story short, I love the mission work.  WE´ve been
fasting, trying to leave on time, we´re struggling with keeping the
hose clean, bt I´m learning so mch in my stdies.  Jess the Christ is
really a fantastic book.
Mom, Becca, I hope school´s going well.  I cn´t WAIT to go back.
Every time my comp talks abot going back to school, I get excited.
I´m actally looking at my ¨map,¨ the classes that I have planned to
take when I get home.  It´s gonna be a blast.  So, enjoy it!  LEarning
is fn, and at least yo´re getting lots of edcation.  It´s important.
Anyway, I´m praying for yo gys.  I love yo gys.  Thanks for yor love
an spport, I definitely appreciate it.  Got the St. Patrick´s Package
this week, it was delicios =)  Also, any person reading this, thank yo
for the letters!  I am getting lots, and I really enjoy it!  Makes the
week go by faster, and helps me remember why I´m doing this work.
And, helps me feel a little less far away, which is nice.  It´s almost
like a different contry here sometimes =)
Parents, I´m already looking for places to go when we all come here
together.  Apparently there´s this beatifl beach (aforementioned New
Yorker showed me pictres) and I´m really excited to go there with yo
gys.  Also, Conference will be a fantastic break!  I hope yo gys are
excited, I hope we get lots of investigators, seeing as chrch starts
so late (12 noon or time).  Anyway, love yo all!  Take care!
Elder Taylor