Apr 4, 2012

Trent's email 3/28/12

Wow, Dad, yor email had me cracking p.  So, this keyboard is missing a
letter, I gess yo gys can figre ot which one it is.  Sorry.
I can´t believe Becca´s driving a golf cart.  Yeah, I did do some
crazy things in my car.  Those were good times.  Don´t kill anyone,
cheese brain.
But, (I don´t know how the letter worked that time) wow, those two
stories sond pretty normal with all the crazy garbage that I´ve seen
here.  Men are so disrespectfl to women, I can´t believe how far the
world has fallen.  And people jst have all kinds of problems.   There
are so many forty year olds married to eighteen year olds and all
kinds of weird things going on in this world.  We fond ot that one of
the investigators we´ve been visiting sed to get beat by her hsband
every time she came to chrch.  Now, he wants her to start coming, so I
hope it doesn´t start the beatings again. We´ll see.
Anthony and Janet are doing great, Mom.  Well, Anthony is.  We´ve
passed by twice more, and Janet´s jst not arond.  Bt Anthony´s
progressing fantastically.  I´ve never seen sch a hmble person.  Elder
Sweeney says he hasn´t, either.  It´s really a miracle, the way he was
prepared by the Lord.  As for the Architect family, we´ve passed by a
cople times and we´re worried that they don´t wanna hear from s  We´ll
see this weekend if we can get to them.
We´ve fond a cople other new families that we´re pretty excite for, bt
nothing as exciting as last week.  Sorry!  Jst contacting.  Yesterday
I had the worst day, I think it´s becase I went withot reading the
Book of Mormon that day.  One contact we made was a Jehovah´s Witness,
and she was bordering on hostile, and I jst lost it and bashed the JWs
a little bit, and then left.  My comp reglated the sitation more or
less on his way ot, bt we won´t be going back there.  My bad.  Also,
there was this gy who knows a ridiclos amont of chrch history, bt he
has a ¨prayer grop¨ and even thogh he ¨recognizes the athority of yor
chrch on earth,¨ he jst laghs every time we tried to invite him to be
baptized.  I also got sper frstrated with him, bt I jst didn´t say
anything.  It was a bad day, mostly becase I wasn´t being a patient
person.  All in time, right?
Haha, sccess!!  I did write a complaint letter to maltomeal.  Yo shold
send those copons to Cortney, I bet she bys maltomeal.  I know yo
don´t, mom.  I think I was having a bad week, lots of people not
keeping their commitments, so I wanted to see if Maltomeal wold hold
tre to their ¨qality garantee.¨  Wow, I feel so ridiclos withot that
letter.  Blasted keyboard.  Well, I´m happy.
Big black lab, hh_  Labs are cool, bt they chew too mch.  I remember
Dad being really pset when... oakey? Chewed throgh the lawn mower.
I´ll probably get a smaller dog.  Like Kenji.  Breed him!  I´ll by a
pppy when I get back.
Oh, random happenstance of the week.  There was a drnk gy walking down
the street in the middle of the night, and he was yelling things like,
¨I´m so rich!¨  My companion didn´t wake p, bt he was saying things in
response to the drnk gy in his sleep.  It was hilarios.
Also, we´re teaching this cople where the wife´s a doctor and the
hsband´s from new york.  He likes speaking to s in English, bt his
wife doesn´t nderstand, so we sometimes have to remind him to speak
spanish.  I really keep p with people now ays.  My vocab and grammar
still aren´t perfect, bt I´m keeping p.  I nderstand people on the
phone, everything´s really cool.
So, yeah.  Long story short, I love the mission work.  WE´ve been
fasting, trying to leave on time, we´re struggling with keeping the
hose clean, bt I´m learning so mch in my stdies.  Jess the Christ is
really a fantastic book.
Mom, Becca, I hope school´s going well.  I cn´t WAIT to go back.
Every time my comp talks abot going back to school, I get excited.
I´m actally looking at my ¨map,¨ the classes that I have planned to
take when I get home.  It´s gonna be a blast.  So, enjoy it!  LEarning
is fn, and at least yo´re getting lots of edcation.  It´s important.
Anyway, I´m praying for yo gys.  I love yo gys.  Thanks for yor love
an spport, I definitely appreciate it.  Got the St. Patrick´s Package
this week, it was delicios =)  Also, any person reading this, thank yo
for the letters!  I am getting lots, and I really enjoy it!  Makes the
week go by faster, and helps me remember why I´m doing this work.
And, helps me feel a little less far away, which is nice.  It´s almost
like a different contry here sometimes =)
Parents, I´m already looking for places to go when we all come here
together.  Apparently there´s this beatifl beach (aforementioned New
Yorker showed me pictres) and I´m really excited to go there with yo
gys.  Also, Conference will be a fantastic break!  I hope yo gys are
excited, I hope we get lots of investigators, seeing as chrch starts
so late (12 noon or time).  Anyway, love yo all!  Take care!
Elder Taylor

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