Apr 10, 2012

Trent's email 4/4/12

Hey, I´m writing quickly.
First of all, the hospital sounds crazy, Mom!  How cool.  I never
would think to do something like that, how good it is that we have
good planning and preparation in the States.  Sometimes, being in this
very developing country makes me feel like no one has the capacity to
function when anything bad happens, and we´re really just doomed when
earthquakes and hurricanes happen.  Go preparedness.  Go first world
Good luck to Lance and Teresa and family!  It´s gotta be crazy, but
that is wonderful that they have family to rely on.
This week has been a little weak, a little sad, actually.  Lots of
people are failing us on the whole meeting thing-not very many people
in this country have a schedule, so we have to be patient and help
them change, but it´s not the funnest thing to do waiting around, or
setting appointments that people don´t show up to, or showing up and
them not having read what we assigned them.  Yeah, it takes a lot of
patience.  And everyone´s bashing on my Spanish this week, all of a
sudden.  I think the world is teaming up against me.  I do talk a
little too fast and unclearly, so I need to work on that.
Elder Holland says, ¨The first thing you need to do when an
investigator tells you that they haven´t read is be dejected!¨  So
we´ve been practicing that.  We´re literally told to look at them in
silence for a little while to make them feel guilty.  It´s very
acting, but I don´t mind.  Nineteen year old boys aren´t very good at
getting the point across most of the time, like helping people
understand the importance their ¨homework¨ is for their salvation.
So, we´re practicing being dejected.  It´s pretty fun, I miss theater.
And it´s a serious problem here, no one likes to read.
But yeah.  Lots of people have failed us on citas, so we´ve just been
contacting a ton of new people, and teaching some ¨first lessons.¨
We had 25 new investigators this week, which is a ridiculously high
number.  Found quite a few families, but it´s hard to tell if anyone´s
going to progress.
But, Diana and Victor are progressing.  Like always, I can´t remember
if I told you about them yet, but Victor (aka Rafy, idk why) is from
the States, and he likes speaking English with us, and Diana´s a
doctor.  Really cool couple, and probably the best parents i´ve seen
in this country.  Very caring.  They´re smart, have lots of questions,
and give us oreos whenever we go over to teach them.  Ah, I love
oreos.  Also, there´s this young punk who seems like he´s almost ready
to turn his life around, we just have to give him a little push.  His
name´s Nelson (aka Tunti) and we met him when he was ¨married,¨ but
they decided it was better that she moved out because his mom is
crazy.  Thanks for not being crazy, mom.  Also, Anthony is still doing
well, has a lot of excitement, and we´re gonna go see him tonight
i´ve been a little sick this week, stuffy nose, headache, cough.
usual cold.  But, it´s almost completely gone right now, just a little
mucus still stuck in my head.  It was a good little trial for me, I
like working through things that are a little more difficult.  Now,
I´m gonna knock on wood so I don´t get MORE trials this week =)
Teaching the gospel to people really is a joy.  When we get to go in
and talk to people about the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, I learn so
much. My testimony grows.  This week, I realized that I´ve wasted a
lot of time trying not to step on other peoples toes, or not offend
other religions, to the point where I´m timid about our declaration of
the truth.  I´m not going to do that anymore.  Our claim is bold, and
will remain so no matter how I present the message.  My attitude of
presentation should reflect the joy that comes with the truth-This is
the true and living Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.  There is no
other way nor means by which man may be saved.  I love telling people
about it, and then challenging them to read the Book of Mormon so they
can know.  The Book of Mormon is a fantastic, happy book.  read it.
Love you all!
Elder Taylor.

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