May 6, 2012

Trent's email 5/2/12

Dad, I'm impressed, as always, at your ridiculous work ethic.  I hope you're not killing yourself.  moreover, I hope you're enjoying yourself.  2 Ne 2:25!  Life's good, enjoy it!
How weird, Mom, that you have so much family that I didn't even know about!  I mean, I guess I knew they existed, but weird to think about it, all of them together.  I almost feel uncomfortable imagining all those old people I don't know who probably smell weird :)  I do remember Kay's house, wasn't it full of cookie jars that were cat shaped??  That was quite a while ago, and the house was fairly dark, if I remember correctly.  Of course, it could just be the obscurity of old age, clouding my memory.
Man, I can not TELL you how excited I am for Anthony and Janet to get baptized.  Two Saturdays, I hope.  They're doing alright, Anthony's still not drinking, Janet said she's been praying a ton and she feels good, they're liking Church, we're doing a family home evening with them tonight, and there's a special Fireside in the Mission home on Saturday that I'm planning on inviting them to.  I almost feel like the 12th is a little too soon, but we'll pray about it and see what the Lord says.  Mission work is fantastic when you get someone who really benefits, really changes, from the message of the gospel.
Elder Rodriguez is not impressed with the work ethic of our ward as far as mission work goes, but we had a special Comité Ejecutivo meeting with the leaders of the church about Mission work, and I tried really hard to give them ideas and get them excited about the mission work in this ward.  We set up a plan to have a special brothershipping night every week, so we can keep inviting our investigators to... well, basically a party specially for people investigating the gospel.  i think it'll really help the work progress.
I also love Elder Rodriguez.  Takes the work seriously, but he and I have similar senses of humor.  Elder Frometa left me some nerf guns, and we've been having a ball with that.
Also, this morning was wonderful.  I told Elder Rodriguez about the guy who sells fresh cow milk in our area, and he said, "Vamos para allá el Miércoles, entonces," so we bought another gallon of fresh cow milk, me hoping that Elder Rodriguez knows how to get rid of the sour aftertaste.  We boiled it this morning and it's sitting in the fridge right now, so I'll let you know next week.  But, the point about the wonderfulness was, it was just chill.  Early morning, walking through a remote farm area, nice breeze, next to a river.  So relaxing.  I want to live out somewhere that's close to a farm area, something quiet.  Really, I understand you guys so much better as I'm growing up: remember how I used to hate quiet?  Anyway, it was really relaxing this morning, and I was very happy.
Also, Rodriguez is a cleanaholic!  We cleaned SO well this morning, and it made me happy.  I finally feel like I can walk through the house without smelling something rotten, or getting a pile of dirt on my feet.  It's just really great.  Maybe the best P-day ever.
And we lost two good investigators this week.  They're just not willing to give the church a chance because of their previous beliefs. Junior, an Evangelical that we contacted one day, was doubtful that people needed authority by the laying on of hands.  We proved it to him, because it's disgustingly clear in the Bible, and he just kept arguing with us with stories and things that the church has taught him, so we basically just stopped and prayed and left.  Elder Rodriguez has a really good knowledge of scripture.  Then, Celina, a 16 year old, just decided that she wasn't interested in the church.  We've been working with her for about 5 weeks, but she just decided that this wasn't the true church, even without coming to church once.  She did read three or four chapters of the Book of Mormon, but she's already decided, so what can we do?  Keep contacting.
Which I don't mind.  I like meeting new people.  Everyone needs the gospel, whether their a drug addict or a saint.  I'd rather spend time on people that are willing to listen than people that are smart.
One of the most important things to do as a missionary is to always INVITE people to do things-to come to church, to read, to pray, to listen, to serve. We can't take anyone's agency away, they have to choose to act. Also, I realized this week that my only job isn't just to be ready to teach people and be working when I'm supposed to be working, but to also prepare myself to teach clearly and with power.  If I could help EVERYONE realize the importance of the Gospel, they WOULD choose to follow it.  My job is to take their feelings and thoughts and help them see how the gospel can help them, and let them go from there.  As Elder Bednar said, it's some of the hardest work we'll ever do, but when we do it right, it's the best work we'll ever do.
Also, I've been focused a lot less on life in the States.  I think it's cause I have a Dominican comp who's pretty focused on the work.  It's nice, because being so focused on the work has helped me feel better about where I am and what I'm doing, and helped me progress quite epically this week.  I'm gonna keep that up.
oh, when do you have church on Sunday??  My schedule's like this:  Wake up at 6:30, chill in the house til 9, when church starts, leave at 12, eat, and go start working again at 2:30.  Then, at 6:00ish we're probably gonna leave for the fireside in the mission home. So, if your church starts at 1, I'll call at like, 11:00 Utah time.  If it starts at nine, I'll call at like, 1:00 Utah time.  If it starts at 11:00, I'll call at like, 3:00 Utah time.  Fair? Or, if you're gonna be in Vegas, it's a whole other story.  Just go to church, and figure out when would be best for me to call, and let me know.
If you still have the email address of Froiland, the member in this ward who emailed you guys to tell you about me calling for Christmas, send him an email and tell him what to do tonight!  If he doesn't get an email, I'll check my email on Saturday night so you guys can tell me what time to get on.  is that okay?
Ah, gotta go!  Love yall!

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