May 15, 2012

Trent's email 5/9/12

Hey family!
How are you guys doing?  I´m quite well, it was a hard week but a good
week.  Always learning more, especially with the trials.  I was super
excited about going to a special fireside in the mission home on
Sunday with Anthony and Yanet, but they fell through on us, so I was
really upset, thinking Anthony that had lost all of his excitement
about the church (he didn´t come to church that day either), and I
didn´t want to work, but I sucked it up and we kept contacting.  We
found a guy who was doubting the Book of Mormon, but then we showed
him a scripture in Ezekiel in the Old Testament that talks about the
Book of Mormon and he started believing a little bit.  We´re going
back tomorrow.  Tonight we have our first hermanamiento
(fellowshipping) activity, hopefully it goes well and lots of
investigators show up.  I love how there´s always someone being
prepared or something cool going on, even if I´m feeling like I´m not
doing a good enough job, the Lord´s always there to help us if we´ll
keep working and being diligent.  In the last few days I´ve felt
completely motivated to just jump out in the street and start finding
people to teach.  This is the most fulfilling work in the world!  My
testimony´s growing so much, and what better gift can I give to
someone than helping them receive the fullness of the gospel??  It´s
funny and almost sad how much time people waste on false doctrine, I
just love helping people find the truth, and how simple and wonderful
it is!
I´m sorry this email´s short, but I spent a ton of time trying to
upload photos that wouldn´t upload, so I´ll just talk to you lots on
Sunday, okay?  I´ll either call at 11 or at 5ish, depending on my
companion and the Baret family, whatever´s best for them (that´s Utah
Oh, but Anthony and Janet are doing well for the most part.  Still
excited, just had a little stumbling blocks this week, but they´re
gonna be baptized in the next week or so.  We still haven´t
reorganized the date.  Also, Elder Rodriguez is a fantastical
missionary, and I´m really glad to work with him, but sometimes I have
to talk too much and I don´t like it.  It was nice to have Sweeney,
who always had something to say.  But, I do have more fun with
Rodriguez, I think.  I bring him out of his shell, which is always
really fun for me.
It´s amazing how easy it is to do the work when you´re really just
loving the people here.  The twelve week training program teaches us
to ask for charity every time we pray, so I´ve been trying to do that
and I feel like it´s really helping me progress as a missionary.
Tomorrow I´ll have my last interview with President Lee, because he´s
leaving in June and we´re getting President Douglass.  I´m really
excited for the change, just because change is fun.  Hopefully
President Douglass keeps everything under control, President Lee rules
with an iron fist, so I´m sure lots of tigre missionaries will want to
test President Douglass.  It´ll be interesting.
In other news, today has been a blissfully peaceful preparation day.
It´s fun to play basketball every once in a while, but sometimes it´s
better to be able to take your time and write lots of letters.
Oh, hey, my umbrella broke.  And here, there aren´t any big compact
umbrellas (as in, big enough for my comp and I, but small enough to
carry with me everywhere I go).  If you could send me one of the 10
dollar ones from Walmart, all black, I´d be SO happy. We´re heading
into rainy season.
Thank you for all your love, support, letters, packages.  Oh, I found
the 20 bucks you stuffed in the last package that was searched by
customs.  You hid it so well, not even I could find it!
I love you all, see you soon!
Elder Taylor

That´s my district from last transfer.
Elder Jenks Cali, Stratford (Utah), Me, Sweeney OK, De Leon, and RUiz.

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