Jun 13, 2012

Trent's email 6/6/12

Felicidades por terminar con el mudarse!  Yo odiaba el mudarnos, pero
ya ustedes lo hicieron bien rápido.  Bueno, no todo terminó todavia,
pero estoy impresionado.
So, yeah, good work.  It´s always a weird feeling to be in between
houses.  I hope it´s a good house over there in Draper, and I hope
leases are cheaper than rent.  Also, I hope Kevin´s behaving himself
and keeping his dumb little Indian tribe to himself.  Furthermore, how
is Tasha, and when is she getting married, or did that happen already?
I wish people would update me about their lives, especially people
like Tasha... sigh.  Okay, I´m done feeling sorry for myself =D
Hahaha, you guys need to find more ways to entertain yourselves than
the TV.  Where´s Jackson going again?
Woo.  Super nervous about the training thing.  Elder Robertson is,
despite his name, Peruvian.  His great grandfather was American, but
he´s completely peruvian.  Also, he´s incredibly shy.  Like you said,
mom, it´ll be really challenging, but I´m excited.
So, I found out about a little disaster that has been going on for the
last six months, of which I´ve been blissfully unaware.  There´s a
family in the ward, they didn´t come to church on Sunday, and I just
felt like we should visit them.  So we did.  The mom began to cry when
I prayed, saying that they had no money and they´re giving up the
house this week and she´s going to live with her parents and he´s
going to live with his because he´s not happy with her anymore.  They
have a boy who´s seventeen, a girl who´s fifteenish, and a girl who´s
twelvish.  They have 22 years in the church, he´s a graphic designer
and she paints ceramics and sells them.  They´re $400 behind (three
months) in rent, and someone had been robbing their electricity (as
in, using electricity that they were paying for by illegally
connecting it to their house) so their bill was at $100 for the month,
which is about 3x what it normally is.  He´s also got a diploma in
SOMETHING, I think it´s design, and she´s ALWAYS working when we pass
by.  She told us that the bishop promised them a little bit of food a
month and a half ago, and it never arrived.  She was very very upset.
We weren´t very happy either.  Furthermore, no one had visited her,
minus us and a few other members just to visit, so we went to ask the
bishopric and the relief society why they hadn´t been visiting.
We found out, from the bishopric, that 1) the ward has already payed 4
months of rent for them 2) They had offered the head of the household
various jobs that he wouldn´t take, heaven knows why.  Apparently it
embarrasses him to sell things.  Also, for some reason, he rejected
graphic design projects, too.  3) They don´t pay tithing.  4) We
already knew, they don´t really do much in the church, especially as
far as callings and things go.  5)  With the money for food, they have
been completely incapable to transfer the money because they have not
had internet access, and absolutely everything financial with the
church these days is apparently electronic.  They had explained this
to the family five times already when we arrived to talk to the
So, they have decided to never come back to church.  ¨Its the Lords
Church, but he´s not here right now, we´re the only ones, and this
ward isn´t helping us.¨
And we decided to leave it in the Lord's hands.  Hopefully they´ll
learn their lesson.  I feel bad because I feel like the mother is
suffering for the pride of her husband, but I don´t have $400 to help,
and I don´t have a job to offer, and I guess I can just pray.
We´re trying to get Junior and Yudelkis married.  We need about $80.
The bishop said he´s donating about $13.  We´re gonna see if we can
get more from the ward. I´ll probably help with, like $4.  They´re
both really excited about the gospel, and all their kids have been
wanting to get baptized for more than a year now.  It was great when
we finally got Junior on board to listen and come to church, and he´s
caught fire just like the rest of the family.  They´ve given up
drinking, and they call us every other day to see if we´re gonna come
¨share¨ with them.  Keep praying for them!
Thank you for the scriptures!  I love the process of scripture study-
take any problem you have in your life, and ask a question- ¨how can I
fix this?¨ then, read the Book of Mormon, and in SOME small way,
you´ll be answered.  It´s working miracles for me, try it!  The Book
of Mormon is a fantastic gift from the Lord.
I love you, Mom, Dad.  Don´t work too hard!  Thanks for the support
and advice.  Please pay your tithing, for your own sakes.  Love ya!

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