Jun 19, 2012

Trent's email 6/13/12

It's been a rough week.
I wonder if my attitude's bad?
But, yeah.  I'm here.  Thanks for your prayers.  I'm actually really
surprised that I'm handling everything that's going on as well as I
am.  Probably thanks to your prayers.
I don't even know where to start, and I don't feel like writing an
email of complaints, so I'm gonna be positive.
It's raining and thundering for the first time in about a month.  I'm
digging it, I missed the rain.  I love it when it rains hard.
I think Junior and Yudelkis are gonna get baptized NEXT week, because
they had a funeral this sunday and couldn't come to Church.  They're
working through everything, even though times are kind of tough.
I got poptarts at a REALLY good deal last week at La Sirena, and they
were delicious.
I still have a lot of money left in my personal account, which is
good.  I was really stressing out about that today, but I checked it
just now, and we're doing alright here.
I'm gonna get some really nice new shoes from "Dajabon," a city that
borders Haiti.  They'll be like Ecco quality, and I won't pay more
than 30 bucks.
I got the umbrella and swedish fish you sent me.  THANK YOU!
I still have lots of chocolate left over from that giant package of
chocolate you sent me.  THANK YOU!
My companion knows the doctrine.  One less thing to stress about.
Elder De Leon, my district leader, is a great support and helping alot.
The ward ended up bailing out that family, and we're trying to animate
them to do all those good things that you're supposed to do.
Alma 5:16 is an excellent verse of scripture.
I'm becoming a very effective teacher, and I am now realizing that I'm
pretty good at talking to people.  It makes me happy.
We have a WHOLE ton of Book of Mormons in the house now, because the
mission received like 60 boxes full.
I have some good new church movies to watch.
The house is clean.  We cleaned lots today.
I'm learning how to cook well.  Or adequately, at least.
Becca wrote me an email :)  I like her hair.
Being a trainer is hard.
Trials strengthen us.
I don't even know why I'm so worn out.  I just am.  I feel like I've
been pulling him around the city all day today.  It really is like
having a kid.  I have to explain every little thing to him, and he's
still not very happy about a lot of the stuff we do, like walking
around with a Book of Mormon, or spending two hours to cook food and
eat and study in the afternoon.  Or, I explain that people can't hear
him and he needs to speak louder if he wants to be heard, and he
speaks the same.
He won't show me pictures of his family.
He won't even tell me how old he is.
He speaks out loud when he's thinkiing, but super quietly, so I can't
The only times he tells me what he thinks is when 1) I ask like, five
times, for him to tell me what he's thinking or 2) I'm doing something
He spends like, half an hour in the bathroom every time we're supposed
to be leaving or studying together.
He doesn't wash dishes or cook, and rarely cleans the house.
I basically have to manage his finances for him because he has NOTHING
this week-he spent it all last week.
We stay up past 10:30 every night talking a lot about the plan for the
next day... It's a good thing that we do, but I'm sleep deprived.
He's a good guy, and a good missionary, but I just am worn out this week.
Furthermore, Anthony and Yanette (I learned that's how to REALLY spell
her name) are difficult because of this corner store they bought...
they work Sundays, so we don't know if we can baptize them.
Yudelkis lost her job.  So I don't know how soon that baptism's going to happen.
So, those have been my challenges this week.  But, I know things will
change soon.  I know I will become stronger, and I know the Lord will
help.  But man, am I tired.  Hey, we have investigators!  That's a
good thing.
So I love you guys.  I'm really really excited to see you guys again,
even though it's gonna be a long time from now.
I'm gonna live.  I just feel weighed down.  Have a great week!  Keep
being a wonderful family!

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