Jun 4, 2012

Trent's email 5/30/12

Wow, moving this week!  I'm a little nervous!  I can't believe you
guys are leaving St. George, now I'm gonna be telling everyone that
I'm from Salt lake.  I like not being from Salt Lake.  That's okay,
though, the other members are always asking about the temple.  It's
amazing how many people want to go there!  You two are lucky to be
sealed in the temple in Salt Lake.  Haha, you're planning on staying
in that rental for awhile, then?  I was thinking that this would be
another year-long sort of thing.  But, we'll see, right?
Go Mom, U-Haul driver of America!  I can't even imagine driving Esme
right now, much less a truck, much less a UHAUL.  Ugh.  NO thank you.
I'll have to do some practice rounds with Esme before I start really
driving again, hope the neighborhood's still pretty chill.  I'd hate
to destroy my only commodity as soon as I get home.  Ah, I can't
believe I'm gonna miss Tasha's wedding!  Blast it all, this mission
thing.  No, it's worth it.  I'll be there when Junior and Yudelkis get
married.  Which will happen, soon.
Oh, yeah, that's news.  Junior and Yudelkis are planning on getting
married soon, but they don't know how because of the money, but the
Bishop told us that he's gonna pay for it, so that should happen,
like, in two weeks or something.
And furthermore, I know I'll be here, because I got called to train.
That means that I'll be with a new missionary for three months, still
here in Pueblo Nuevo.  I'm excited.  We're pretty sure he's gonna be
Peruvian, but I'll let you know for sure next week.  I'll get to see
Yudelkis and Junior and hopefully Anthony and Janet get baptized (all
of whom came to CHURCH this week!) and there's a delicious bakery
nearby and it's not very hot here, comparatively, and I love going to
Calle del Sol to shop, cuz it's a great tourist trap and a cool
environment, so I'm not upset about staying here.  Just need to work
on talking to EVERYONE, even if I've passed by the street/house a
million times already. I realized on the way here today that I never
had looked at one house that I've probably already passed 100 times
since I've been here.
But I am scared about training.  It's messing with my mind.  In the
mission, if you train someone, they are forever known as your "hijo,"
or "son."  I guess my brain's really confused between a son and a real
son, because I had a dream about Courtney being pregnant, even though
I hadn't done anything.
Oh, luckily, it hasn't been raining very much this week, like, at
all.  I did run out of money, though.
Sheesh, it's been crazy!  We've been trying to help people REALLY
Understand the gospel message, but it's just not working.  I try to
speak as clearly as possible without telling them that their religion
is false, directly, hoping the Spirit will teach them that.
Rodriguez, I'm pretty sure, tries to offend people and tell them that
their religion is false.  So, we're in between right now, sometimes
being harsh and sometimes being too soft.  I don't know how to teach
people that are fixed in their catholic or adventist mindset.  We can
show them a scripture that teaches CLEARLY, VERY VERY CLEARLY that
they're wrong, but they just make excuses.  People are fixed in
religion, and not too keen about changing, even for the truth.
I'm glad you guys are gonna be in Salt Lake. Really, I am.  You'll be
closer to BYU, and it'll be fantastic.  I was thinking it'd be cool to
go skiing with you guys again, like in the old days, or go golfing
with those clubs that we bought and never really used, or playing
basketball.  Dad, enjoy your crazy time in SC and Peru, I'll be
hanging out with a Peruvian!  I think.
Sorry, but I have to go!  I sent you pictures, hope you enjoy!
Elder Taylor

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