Jun 27, 2012

Trent's email 6/20/12

So, all things considered, I'm becoming a better person.
I've decided that God is just testing my patience.  Wow, you guys will be BLOWN AWAY with how PATIENT I'll be at the end of these three months.  Yeah.  That's right.  Prepare to be dazzled.

No, but, in the words of the poet, "All's Well that Ends Well," and I am happy today.
I had a tres leche.  That means nothing to any of you, but I'm extremely happy.  It's like... nothing.  Nothing I can think of describes tres leche.  Cheesecake, kind of, but less solid.  And not even close to the same flavor.  It's like the flavor... of really delicious ice cream cake.  Yeah.  And runnier than cheesecake.  I feel like other American missionaries here would approve of that description of tres leche.
Also, my comp and I have had some good laughing moments together.  Especially today, I helped him pick out a good watch, and find another shirt, so that will make the whole week a little easier for both of us.  Plus, I LOVE exploring.  All those shops in Mexico, right?  Tourist traps that have the same thing, and you get to barter prices?  So, Calle del Sol has a lot of stores like that (it's a whole street... like... market street), and I found two excellent, beautiful ties that I'm really excited about, and they only cost $2.50 each.  Yeah.  Supershopper, I am.  Plus, my comp found a good watch that he likes for $7, mostly thanks to me.  I'm proud.  And we're more united as a companionship.
Plus, last night we had a FANTASTIC Ward-Mission Correlation Meeting with the Bishop and the "Ward Mission Leader."  Finally, I get why we do these things.  We now have a functioning Ward Mission Plan, and I think it will work out really well.  It's been rough with Bishop Mirabal working outside of the city (like, 4 hours away) throughout the week, so I think life's gonna go better.
Plus, Yudelkis and Junior are OFFICIALLY getting married on Tuesday.  We got quite a bit of help from the Bishopric (chemist, doctor, and... business manager), and I helped with $13, and we got $13 from basically every poor person in the ward, gave like, $2.  So, we're there.  It's scheduled.  Five baptisms coming up, and a trip to the temple in a year.  Those kids have been waiting at LEAST a year to get baptized, so it will be a fantastic experience to finally be able to see it.  Yefferson is SO Smart.  He knows SO MANY THINGS about the gospel, and I'm excited.  Furthermore, in that incredible aforementioned correlation meeting, we talked about the manual and the essential parts of a baptismal service, and who needs to be in charge, so I think it will be a fantastic service on the 30th.
Plus, our recent convert Anthony, who, last week, told me he's gonna go back and be Catholic, is sitting next to me in this internet center, and we're buddies, and he's coming to the activity tomorrow, and he went to Church last Sunday, so I think we've got him.  He also told us the other day that he knows the church is true.  I think he just needs to be reminded of how much love we have for him.  Members don't get it.  He acts antipathetic about the Church (says things like, how stupid it is, or how he's never going back) because the members act antipathetically about him.  So, they start complaining and saying that we never should've baptized him.  But, everyone just needs to love him, and he feels welcome and does his job and it's all good!
Things haven't gotten much better with Elder Robertson, but I think I finally figured him out a little bit.  Compliments really do help, thanks for the advice, Mom.  Also, I think one of these days he'll realize that a good missionary isn't one who just does everything that the Mission Manual says, but rather one who tries to treat others how Christ would treat them.  It's kind of motivating to see how much progress I've made in that, compared to someone who just entered the mission field.  I like it.
I think I'm doing all the things you guys have advised me to do-wash the dishes, cook, clean, pray for guidance, pray for faith.
Dad, I haven't thought TOO much about why I'm in the DR.  I think it's because Dominicans are a lot like me-loud, inconsiderate, disheveled-and I need to learn how to mix that world with the Lord's ideal.  That's what I've come up with so far.  But, I will pray about it.
I can't believe we don't live in St. George anymore.  Will you send me the new address so I can tell the mission President?
Haha, President Douglass gets here next Friday.  I'm excited for that!  I got pictures with President Lee last meeting I saw him, it'll be a little weird, but he's had three years of being a missionary, so I'm glad that he gets to go home with his family and go on vacation and stuff (I don't know where Dominicans go for vacation... but I hope he enjoys it). 
But, nothing.  That's what's up down here in the DR.  Dad, when you go to Peru, try to go to Church in el centro de Estaca de La Molina, that's where Elder Robertson's from.  There are two missionaries in my same zone from that Ward, Elder Robertson and Elder Casafranca.  Maybe you can meet his parents.  I feel like that's super cool, and lucky.  And cool.  That's if you're in Lima.  I don't know where you're going.  I hope you like it there.  I asked my companion if there's anything he wanted you to look for while you're in Peru, but he just said that he wants the Church's Pass-along cards, which they don't give us in this mission.  Yeah, he's kind of a robot right now, I'll let you know in a couple months how that goes.
Ta da.  All's Well that Ends Well.  This week will be FANTASTIC, because I am going to break him.  Yeah.  That's right.  And I'll probably eat some more tres leche.  Oof.  So good.

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