Jul 18, 2012

Trent's email 7/11/12

Glasses! I´m gonna try to send them, but it´ll be really hard!  I don´t know.  We´ll see what we can do.  Thanks for the address, it´s so weird that we live in Draper!
Hahaha, go Spanish speaking skills.  I´m glad he´s getting to practice a lot, I don´t wanna come home to have the only person I know who speaks spanish not be able to understand me. Well, Domincian spanish is so ghetto, he probably won´t anyway, but oh well.
There´s no service in Peru?  Lousy ATT.  Hmm.  I miss phones.  That´ll be a blessing when I get back =)
Well, I hope he´s learning and seeing lots of good things. I want to go to Macchu Piccu one day, my comp has got me interested.  He seems to really like it... Its one of the few things he´s expressed interest in.
Go Becca.  That´s awesome.  I´m glad she´s entertaining herself. So, I totally sewed a hole in the seam of my pants today, AND I fixed my tie.  I´m a Tailor, for real.  I feel like a really independent person when I do stuff like that.  Oh, and I cleaned for four hours today. Lots of fun.
Becca becca becca. Going back to school.  Someone will notice her.  Especially the boys. She´s cute.  And then she´ll find her weird little friends, and it´ll be great.  Time heals all things, just be strong!
Wow, drought and fires?  I forgot about that part of the desert. Definitely hasn´t happened here, and never will.  We fear earthquakes here.  I have to keep the iron on the floor, just in case.
I hope Wendy and Casey come.  I am really lucky to have Becca as a sister.  She´s got a good head, and we´re tight.
Well, yeah, things have gotten better with my companion.  The new mission president´s wife helped me a ton!  She´s really smart.  Really amazing, strong person.  In charge of a multimillion dollar charity in India.  Adopted a paralyzed (from the chest down) child who was scarred by years of drunk mother abuse, and the girl wouldn´t say a word or do ANYTHING for a year.  Sister Douglas had to dress and feed and bathe her.  After a year, she asked if she could paint.  She painted two strokes and stopped.  Today, she´s a returned missionary from the Temple Square mission, she can drive in a hand controlled car, and she´s amazing, apparently.
So, that helped me help my companion.  He´s progressing a lot I see now.  Sis. Douglas says that he´s intimidated by me.  I just have to be more open, loving, and less ¨constructive.¨
As far as the faith thing, I´m doing alright.  Studying the scriptures helps a lot.  I really love the way I feel when I read.  Also, I´m emailing Zoe.  She sent me vegetable recipes.  She´s hanging out in Chile for this summer.  Really awesome girl.
Enjoy the pictures of Junior and Yudelkis, and me and Jefferson!  Love ya!
Elder Taylor

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