Jul 2, 2012

Trent's email 6/27/12

Ah, you guys are great.  I have been realizing more and more every day
how strong of a person I am, completely because of you three people
over there in Utah.  I'm really sorry that I didn't ever realize it
before, and definitely wasn't as appreciative of all the influence you
guys had on me, especially during high school.  I really miss you
guys, and I'll be happy to be back with you.  And at Fish Lake.
But, that's for another day.  For today, I was going to send you lots
of pictures of a wedding, but I left my camera in the house, so you'll
have to wait til next week.  Yes, we went to the wedding, and we went
to the celebration afterwards (even though we're not technically
supposed to...) and it was fantastic. Junior and Yudelkis are SO
happy!   It's great.   And the kids are stoked to get baptized THIS
WEEKEND.  Saturday.  Big deal.  Everyone in the ward's getting
Also, Anthony has decided to close his corner store on Sundays to
comply with the Sabbath Day.  He and Yanette should be getting
baptized soon, if he'll just find a little bit more humility and
charity in his slightly worldly heart!
The OTHER anthony, the small one, the Recent Convert, has decided that
he's not worthy of Eternal Life and doesn't want to come back to
church.  He won't really talk to us when we pass by, and he doesn't
want to be involved, so we're just gonna have to do what the manual
says, and focus our efforts on people who are interested.
I hope the ward is friendly this week.  Remember, it's uncomfortable
for them, too, because they don't know what they're supposed to do!
That's one thing I plan on focusing on when I get back from my
mission-making sure everyone feels welcome, and making sure everyone
in the ward is friendly :)
Our laundry (which I still haven't finished doing today.  Ugh).
Involves a "semiautomatic" washing machine, which involves a tank of
water that revolves, where we put the soap and spin it for fifteen
minutes, then clean and rinse with the revolving tank, and then put
the wet clothing in a centrifuge (without heat) which leaves the
clothes mostly dry, and we hang them up to get them completely dry.
So, I know more or less what you're going through, and I don't have a
ton of pity for you.
Elder Douglas gets here THIS Friday, sorry if I communicated that
wrong.  And I'm stoked. It should be cool.  He's apparently going to
have to interview each of us personally within the first two weeks of
his arrival.  I have so much respect for people who dedicate so much
time to service in the Church, it's rough sometimes.  I also wonder
how all these Dominicans can serve missions in their own country-Santo
Domingo is only 1.5 hours from Santiago, and there are two missions in
Santo Domingo, so you could end up serving about 20 minutes from your
house if you're in the city.  I can't imagine serving in Bountiful or
something.  Eugh.  Imagine the temptations.  Mission Presidents are
called for three years as missionaries.
Super stoked about the large backyard.  Can't wait to get trampled by
Becca in Soccer when I get back.
I have also learned, from a couple  companion exchanges, that there
are just some people in this world who have much simpler minds than we
do.  I guess that's what it means to be smart-be able to process lots
of different factors before making a decision.  It goes along well
with Dad's theory about Spiritual Maturity, I guess.
I want to go camping again!  Woo!  That will be fantastic, too.
Yeah.  And eat a smoothie.  Oh, do I miss Orange Peel.
HEY, so, I really really want a CD from EFY... I think it's year 2009,
and I think it's called Give the Gift, but I could be wrong in both
parts.  Courtney's sister said she'd get it for me, butI still don't
have it, and I've had the whole CD stuck in my head for the past to
weeks and I want to listen to it!  The best song has words like, "I am
not the only one who has ever been friendless... who has needed a
Savior" but also has many great songs.  Please SOMEONE send me that
Actually, I took my glasses to a glasses place, and they said they
can't fix it. It's not that the screw fell out, it's that the frame
broke completely, and it's unfixable, I'm pretty sure.  I wanted to
look for one more optical place, just to see if the other one is lying
to me, but I'm pretty sure they're telling the truth.  But, the lenses
are still in tact, so they said that if I buy new frames that they'll
cut down the lenses for me and put them in.  But, the frames are kind
of expensive.
Anyway, it's been good.  I'm doing alright.  I'm actually doing really well.
Love you all, keep up the good work!

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