Jul 25, 2012

Trent's email 7/18/12

Hey Mom.  Hey Dad.
It's been an alright day.  Pdays are always hectic, but I think it's mostly because I just like relaxing and chatting with other missionaries, and then 3:00 rolls around and I realize we haven't done internet or washed clothes or gone shopping... It's just dumb.  You don't rest on pday.  You prepare.  Weird that I'm coming up on my year mark.  Sometimes, it's like, wow, a year of my mission is over.  Other times its like, when will I get back to real life?  But I know things will be super different when  I get back from my mission... RM status, the pressure to get married, all that stuff.  I was thinking that I could split up every week, one day, for the six most important people - both of you, Becca, Zoe, Courtney, and Cody.  The only people that still write me, really.  Oh, its so strange to get marriage letters.  Katie Cable, Emily Hansen, Tasha, Tiele Quist... maybe they're not all engaged yet, but they're well on their way.  Some of these women will be moms before I get back.  What a crazy responsibility.  I can't even imagine.
Really excited to meet this new kitten of ours.  Hopefully it calms down soon, because I'm sure Dad's patience won't last the month.
You sat next to a new girl?  I'm so excited!  That's the HARDEST thing with our investigators-people don't really talk to them.  Keep it up.
Also, I love the visiting/home teaching program.  I think it's a wonderful way to help each other out, and I think it's definitely inspired.  Too bad that people let their own priorities get in the way of serving one another, because I know that I'd love to have someone come visit me every month.  Remember how happy we were when Gonzalez was our home teacher?  Such a good family!  I hope I can always be good friends, just like that, with the families I home teach.
Casey, Marcus and Gary!  What are they up to?  So glad you got to see the family.
I have the coolest sister.  I'm glad she liked my letter.  We're gonna be hanging out again soon, I'm really excited.  I hope her and Zoe get along well, and we can all hang out together.  I don't know how that'll work out, exactly.  Still trying to decide.  It's more convenient, though, now that we're practically neighbors.
Keep exercising!  I'm a big fan of exercise these days, we're supposed to do it every morning for 30 minutes, and I think it makes it a lot easier to spend the day sweating in the hot sun, because even though walking in the street is difficult, it's not the most physically exhausting part of the day.
So, it's been a little crazy this week.  It's hard.  I see great people who want to follow and obey God and sacrifice a WHOLE LOT of time and money and everything so they can follow him.  But, they're part of other churches, which teach against the Book of Mormon, and therefore, even though they're fantastic people, they're firmly against the Book of Mormon, and can't accept the fulness of the everlasting Gospel.  I wish Heavenly Father would just Paul-it-up-in-here and knock out some of the bad things that are going down to prevent people from finding the truth.  Sometimes, it makes me doubt the truth.  But, I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true.  Nothing is more certain to me.  I love being here, learning, adapting, developing self-mastery.  I hope all young men decide to serve missions.  I love this gospel.  I wish the people of the Church would live the Gospel (Donald Hallstrom's talk from Conference!), but they so often don't. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way we find eternal life.  Live it.  Love it. 
So, I got robbed, but not a lot.  Just 200 pesos, which is like, 7 bucks.  Some guy told me he'd fix my shoes and I gave him the cash, and then he didn't fix my shoes, but I found them, so it's okay.  Someone honest is now fixing them.  Also, I sent my glasses, but remember that I'm in a third world country so it's possible that they won't get there before the 27th.  Pray.
Um, so yeah, I am paying some extra money for fixed shoes... it's like, 275 pesos.  Then, I'm gonna fix some other ones (cuz they were crappy when I bought them) for probably another 300 pesos... And none of that is covered by the mission.  I think I have enough in my account for now, but just want you to know that I'm taking some out to pay for that.  Love you guys!
Your Missionary,
Elder Taylor

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