Jul 31, 2012

Trent's email 7/25/12

Hey Mom, hey Dad
Well, we didn't get everything done today, but we took it easy, so
there's less stress.  I like it that way.  I just wish I had time for
everything.  But, hey, what can you do?
Aah, a simple life sounds a little refreshing!  I'm a little jealous.
Not too much, I'd get bored quickly.  What do you cook?  I feel so
helpless here.  Like, I don't really know what's well priced, so I
just cook the same rice with beans and meat thing that my Dominican
comp taught me.  This week, I couldn't take it anymore.  I've been
eating Ramen and PBJ.  I just feel helpless.  I can do fried chicken,
roasted chicken, something called sauced beef, sauced chicken, and
sauced pork.  I really need some new ideas.  In honor of Zoe, I bought
a whole bunch of vegetables this week and I'm gonna try to work them
in creatively.  My comp refuses to let me teach him how to cook-I hope
it's really because he doesn't like to cook, and not because he hates
my cooking.
Dad, do you get paid by hour, or by salary?  Go Mitt, I think he'll
make the Economy a little better for our class, at least.  I don't
feel so good about the lower classes...  Economics are so dumb anyway.
We just need to work back to pioneer times, where you trade based on
your needs.  Bye bye, plastic surgeons.
I'm so glad to know that you're all together!  That's awesome.  That's
exciting, I can't wait to come home to that.  Eating dinner at night
with you guys.  Joking.  Laughing. Talking about life.  Haha.  People
who talk.  Wow.  It seems so unreal.  My comp's opening up a little.
But not a ton.
Happy Pioneer day yesterday!  I was thinking about how cool it is that
we have that heritage. I think it's based on that heritage that I'm so
conservative... work for your grains, you know?  I talk to lots of
liberal missionaries out here.  They think that people are despicable
and need to be controlled.  Sometimes, they've got me convinced.
Dominicans have a few issues.
Cool about Henry B. Eyring.  Good guy.  I like to refer to him as the
Turtle.  And Elder Holland is the Bulldog.  Watch for it.
Wow.  Neuroscience program man, gone nuts.  I can't even believe that
something like that would come from an educated person.  Maybe Chris
Nolan (that's the name of the director of batman, right?)'s concepts
are sinking a little too deeply in people's heads, and they're gonna
start going nuts. How was the third movie?  It's the only one that has
actually made me miss the theater in the last 9 months.
Whoa, whoa, what?  Harley's gone?  When did this happen?  I didn't
know.  Okay.  Well, at least it was the dog, and not the sister.
Count your blessings.  Aww, man, that was a good dog!
Well, I talked a little bit to President about my doubts, and he told
me to study 2 Nephi 2.  It's really helped.  I realized that I was
doubting based on experiences that I've never had, just what I'd
heard.  It's not cool.  Plus, God is wise.  And He can't take agency
from anyone.  I know, and I'll always know, that the Book of Mormon is
true.  I just wish it weren't so hard to show other people sometimes.
I relate to Alma- "Oh that I were an angel..."  It gets frustrating.
But, I have a question for each of you.  well, three.
1) The greatest commandment is to love God over all things, with all
your heart, might, mind, and strength.  How do we develop that?
2)  Why do some of us have a desire to develop that love, while others do not?
3)  What happens if we don't develop that love?
I was studying this morning about the Atonement, and realized,
comparing my own personal experience, that the only thing that can
take me out of my sins, is love for God.  I want to know what you guys
think about those things.
I've been thinking extensively about Laman and Lemuel, and why they
didn't obey after having so many warnings, and what was really the
problem.  Someone showed me once the part in the beginning of first
Nephi where Nephi tries to tell his brothers about the vision he had,
and Nephi asks them if they had talked to God about the vision of
Lehi, and they said, "No, God doesn't make anything known unto us," or
something like that.  They had doubt, and they didn't really pay
attention to the things of the Lord, so they didn't develop that
spiritual connection like Nephi.  I think the key lies in those three
questions I asked you guys, but I still haven't figured it out yet.

I hope you get the glasses!  I have two pairs of shoes that are both
guaranteed for six months, and relatively comfortable, so I think I'll
be good for the rest of the mission, as far as shoes go.
Oh, I like Pueblo Nuevo. I love new things.  I'm always finding a new
neighborhood or a new street to contact.  I think more than anything I
just need a new companion... let's be honest, this guy's not fun to
live with.  I'm learning a lot, though, and there are lots of good
things about this kid.  I'm working on finding the best parts, and
focusing on that.  He's also improving a ton, so that's exciting to
Hope Becca has fun at camp, and that you guys have a great week!  I
love you all.  Take care.
Elder Trent Taylor

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