Jul 10, 2012

Trent's email 7/4/12

Hey Mom, and Dad!  I am having a good week.  Wow, look at all the
awesomeness we have going on here.  I wouldn't trade you guys, either.
So, Anthony, our first baptism that now hates the church is hovering
over me right now.  It's kind of obnoxious.  But, what can you do?
I'm sending you pictures of the wedding.  I have for the baptism, too,
but I need to shrink them so they send easily.  It was really cool.
They do have a lot of changes going on, and they still have to make
some changes to themselves, but they're excited to be involved in
everything, and Junior even accompanied us as missionaries to visit
some of his neighbors.  He's doing great.  Pray that he gets a job
The baptism was super successful.  The program was well planned and
everything went fine, minus the family showing up 45 minutes late.
Ran into an athiest the other day.  He said that the Book of Mormon
and the Bible were a trap for my mind.  I was thinking alot about how
there are a whole lot of muslims and hindus in the world who are just
convinced that they know the real God as I do.  I started to really
doubt the testimony that I've received of the gospel, through that
warm little feeling that we call the Spirit.  I was thinking that it's
almost time for me to go home, because I don't want to be here if I
don't know it's true.  Then, I talked to my District Leader, Elder De
Leon, about what I was thinking, and he told me to read Alma 30 along
with the chapter in the Book of Mormon study guide manual.  I did it.
It talks about Korihor.  One Religious professor said that Korihor's
argument is ridiculous, because "to prove there is no god, using the
criteria that Korihor himself established (the only evidence that you
have is what you can detect with the senses), you'd have to search the
entire universe, from point A to point Z.  But, God can move, so, if
we were to start the search at point A, then we go to point B, and God
moves to point A and stays there for the rest of the search, our
search was ineffective.  So, you have to search every part of the
universe simultaneously, which would ONLY be possible if you were a
God yourself."  So, Korihor really shoots himself in the foot with
that one.  The manual goes on to explain how the prophets in the Book
of Mormon really saw our day, and many of the arguments that the same
AntiChrists use in our day are found in the Book of Mormon.  So, I
realized that I can't really judge God's existence based on what I've
heard about other countries, or the little bit of information I have
about their beliefs, I just have to live according to my experiences,
and up until now, I believe God exists.  And I believe this is His
Church.  The Book of Mormon really is a marvellous work and a wonder,
I wish more people would open their minds and read it.
But, I don't understand why the Church always tells us to use "I know"
instead of "I believe."  I think that's kind of brainwashing.  I have
had a lot of convincing evidence to make me fairly sure that this is
the Church of God, but I definitely don't know it without a doubt.
Maybe I'm crazy.  But I believe it.  I like it.
So, that was my week.  don't worry, I really don't want to go home.  I
love the experiences I'm going through here, plus I'd hate to have to
reapply to BYU, or switch schools completely.  Wouldn't be cool.  How
could this not be the Lord's work when I've become SO Much better, SO
MUCH stronger, and SO MUCH smarter because of the things I'm learning
here?  I'm sure He's blessing me.  Just not positive yet.  I feel like
this same fight will be a fight my whole life.
I'm glad you're digging the ward.  That's important.  Kind of a bummer
that there's no age diversity.  Diversity's so hard to find in Utah as
it is, and now you guys have integrated yourselves completely.  Says
the White, Missionary, BYU Student who grew up in Utah.
I still have to do the laundry today... :/
Hahaha, pesky kittens are fun!  Just not when you're trying to concentrate.
Well, I was going to get my glasses fixed today, but we played
basketball all morning.  I'd love it if you could send me another pair
from Costco!  They have my prescription and frames in this country are
pretty expensive.  Let them be smallish, like the ones I had before,
and with a little bit of orange if you can manage it.
Cleaning cleaning cleaning.  Me too.  Elder Robertson doesn't know
anything about food, so whenever he does something in the kitchen, he
leaves a pretty big mess, and I'm just done asking him to do things,
so I clean a lot.  I like cleaning.  Takes away stress and makes
everything look nice.  Hopefully my new attitude is permanent.
There's always so much cleaning to do.
Go Becca and Natalie!  That is impressive that they can just play for
so long.  I remember days like that.  I'm glad she's not so
technologically integrated that she can't relax.
Peru! How weird.  That seems so far away.  Well, cool, I hope he
enjoys it.  What exactly is he doing out there?  Building schools?
Fixing houses?  Preaching the Gospel??? :)
Bought new shoes.  They're great.  Love them.
Love you guys, take care!

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