Aug 22, 2012

Trent's email 8/15/12

Hey Mom, hey Dad.
Man, am I tired.
I don´t know how so many people do this mission thing.  It´s hard work.  I think I need to relax more often.
I´ve been reading Miracle of Forgiveness this week.  Really fascinating!  I think everyone should read it.  I wish I would´ve understood these principles before the mission, I would´ve lived a much more successful life.  People in the church say it´s a really harsh book, but it´s just because they like believing that 

they´re without sin, even when they´re not.  Miracle of forgiveness makes it clear---we all have sins, and we need to fix it if we want to get where we need to be for Celestial Glory.  Sins are bad.  Stop sinning.  I like it.
President Douglas is really focusing on service.  I think it might actually be the whole church, the Ensign really focused on Service too this month.  I like it.  We cleaned one of our investigators backyards yesterday morning with the missionaries from Rafey (who now are named elder Beitia from Panama and Elder Romney from Lindon) and the day before that, we helped a guy clean the front of an under construction Evangelical church.  It was fun, and a nice break from teaching.  It´s amazing how difficult things are if no one takes charge and helps direct the project and has a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished.  Leadership is crucial.  I´m learning a lot about how to be a loving leader and help people find the easiest solutions to problems.  I like that.
I made chocolate chip cookies today... I spent a bit of money from my personal account to be able to buy the ingredients, but it was so worth it.  Definitely needed a break.  unfortunately, baking soda in this country doesn´t work, so all the cookies are flat.  I´m gonna have to buy some Arm and Hammer in a special store... it´s expensive, relatively, but I guess you pay for what you get.  or, in this country, sometimes you pay a little, and get nothing. 
We had a guy in our mission, Elder Rose, who hurt his knee.  The doctors in this country told him he needed some crazy complex surgery that you can only get in the states, so they sent him home.  The doctors in the States looked at it, said that DR doctors are nuts, gave him a knee brace, and now he´s finishing his mission in New York City.  Less walking.
Becca´s starting high school.  Wow.  I don´t remember tenth grade very well.  Was that really 5 years ago?  I remember some moments... mostly in the hall with Tiffany... sneaking into movies on Senior Sluff Day with Cody Eckman and Jacob Beckstrand.  I hung out with Jacob a lot, huh?  I remember that.  Choir trips, where no one liked talking to me (because I was super awkward and starved for attention).  I didn´t really do much with my life.  I took Biology from an easy teacher and I was bored, I swam!  I forgot that I was on swim team.  Wow.  That was hard.  Good times.  Yeah, those were good times.  Every day going home with JoLee.  Wow, JoLee.  I wonder what she´s up to?  And I had a huge crush on Rachel Hendrickson.  She was cool.  Long time ago.
Hope they get internet in the house soon, and I´m really glad to hear that they´re keeping Dad busy. 
Sometimes, being companions with a latin is a lot like what it must feel like to raise a child. "Okay, now look at this mess you´re making.  How can you prevent making that mess?  And what do you need to do to clean it up?"  I woke up this morning to the smoke alarm, and my companion frying something that, without my glasses on, looked like pieces of chicken.  He was trying to cook pancakes in a small frying pan full of oil.  I don´t know what he did to the batter, but there were large clumps of mix all up in the bowl.  I tried to teach him how to do it correctly. I don´t know if he learned at all.
Wow, Sabrina really is awesome.  I like that drive she has.  I decided, one day, while reflecting on the music from "Les Miserables" that the coolest thing in the world is to see a man who´s got a lofty goal, large obstacles, and a whole lot of faith in himself and God, determined to accomplish whatever it is that he wants to accomplish.  Very inspiring.  Thank you, Victor Hugo.  Also, I read a quote in Miracle of Forgiveness that said, "the path of least resistance makes men and rivers crooked."  He talks about how "I will try" will never be good enough.  We have to press forward with faith in God, knowing we can accomplish whatever we need to.  Like Sabrina and Jean Valjean.
Well, I´ve rambled quite a bit.  Love you all!  Take care!  Good luck, and have a good week!  I´ll see y´all soon!
Elder Taylor.

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