Aug 29, 2012

Trent's email 8/22/12

Thank you for the birthday wishes and birthday present =)  I very much enjoyed it.  Especially the Nutella and I´m really excited to make that cake that you sent me =)  Hopefully my oven will cooperate.  We ran out of gas this week.  Hahaha, I don´t exactly feel like an adult.  I was writing Courtney today and told her that I´m not ready for all the responsibility that comes with being an adult.  Kids?  Feeding a family?  Working so my wife can eat?  I mean, I´ve never had such serious personal consequences for my actions, for my daily life.  I don´t really understand how you guys do all that.  I´m starting to finally realize how little responsibility I´ve had my whole life, and how hard it WILL be to be an adult.  It´ll be hard.  Takes lots of faith.  No wonder Dad works so hard all the time.
Junior and Yudelkys and their family are determined to make me dinner on Friday.  We were going to do a companion exchange with my district leader, but she wouldn´t let me because she wants to make me dinner.  So, I´ll be well taken care of.  I think I´ll bring the cake over to her house.
I love that Skittles game.  I´m sure you had a really fun time watching all of those girls drool everywhere, and cleaning up afterward.
What?  Fitness for life is in quarters?  How dumb.  She has to do it, or the other quarter goes to waste, doesn´t it?  Hmm.  Well, that´s interesting.  I hope she´s enjoying school.  Moreover, I hope she´s enjoying Tennis.  That´s such an awesome program.  Kids here would probably be so happy to have a tennis ball and tennis court that they´d play all day every day, just to be able to have something to do to entertain themselves.  She´s so lucky.  It´ll be fun to go back and watch her play.
I wish you guys were all together.  I really liked hearing that you were all eating dinner together every night.  I´m gonna try not to ever commute like that.  Thanks, Dad, for working so hard for us.  
Do you like exercising, mom?  I feel so much better when I exercise!  Especially when I do cardio in the mornings, my energy for the day is WAY better.
Wow, I can´t believe that THAT´S how Brady tore his ankle!  Poor kid!  Man, that´s so obnoxious.  I mean, the mission´s a hard, hard transition, so for him to get here, get accustomed, and then have to go home so soon, and probably go back out soon too... wow, that´d be hard.  Especially for something so stupid!  Poor kid.  I hope he gets a really good States mission, with lots of good spiritual experiences.  Did he learn Spanish well?  Ah, Strong kid.
Twenty years old.  It´s a different sound.  I´m definitely a different person than I was at 18.  Hopefully that´s good.
It should be my last week in Pueblo Nuevo.  Who knows where they´ll send me.  Maybe really far away, where it´s super hot, the ward is full of apostasy, and there´s rarely electricity, like Dajabón.  I kind of want to go to the hardest parts of the mission, just to say that I did it.  Santiago´s pretty cushy.  But, I won´t be complaining too much if I don´t have to deal with mosquitoes the size of my hand.  It would just be a good life experience.
I´m having a good week.  I get my comp, more or less now, and I´m just not worrying about things I can´t control.  He´s a good guy, and I hope he has a good mission, and it´s out of my hands.  Our President is awesome.  Yanette is getting baptized on Saturday.  We have a ton of progress going down in this area, if Elder Robertson doesn´t get lost they should have a couple baptisms next transfer.  I hope one of them will be Anthony, Yanette´s husband, so I can see them get sealed in the temple.  I made brownies for a family that made us dinner.  They were good.  The family is AWESOME.  I think they´ll progress.  I hear lots of stories about areas in Dajabón where the area´s so small, you end up going back to teach the same people lots just because there is no where else to go.  I wish they´d just cut my current area in half, because there´s SO MUCH work that needs to be done here.
And, life goes on.  I study, I pray harder, I´m trying to memorize lots of verses in the Book of Mormon.  I´ve been trying to plan better and stick to the plan, instead of just winging it.  We´ll see what next transfer brings.  Man, August FLEW by.  Feels like it was just barely August 1. I love how good it feels to work hard.
I love you guys. Take care until next week.  Keep writing me!
Elder Taylor

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