Sep 5, 2012

Trent's email 8/29/12

Mom, Dad!
Here you go, Mom, I´m responding.  This internet´s actually fast, and the center is a lot cleaner than the ones in Pueblo Nuevo. 
Viva La Vega!  That´s the name of the new town I'm in now. It looks more or less like Beaver... but with lots more trees and it´s a lot bigger.  But, spread out like Beaver.  Small town feeling.  I am SO excited to be here.  I´m "step father," or, second companion, of someone from the same group of Elder Robertson.  His name´s Elder Nelson, and he´s from Barbados, which is apparently an island in the caribbean.  He speaks English, is small and brown, and is very excited to do mission work.  I like him a lot.  The mountains here are beautiful, the house is gianormous, and there is a lot less racket.  I´m content.
This last week was incredibly difficult.  Man.  With my birthday, my last week in Pueblo Nuevo, and the baptism of Yanette... it was emotional and hard to work.  I made the best I could of it, though, and I have no regrets.  I made that cake you sent me and brought it to what I THOUGHT was going to be a dinner, but ended up being a giant birthday party for me on Friday night.  Yudelkys (the family I baptized) bought a big chocolate cake and invited all my favorite families to their house and they surprised me with a party.  I´ll send pictures next week.  It was amazing.  Saying goodbye to that family was SO hard.  I really felt like part of them. 
Yanette, Anthony´s wife, got baptized.  He´s still not going to church.  But, he wants to.  He was upset that President transferred me.  A lot.  But, we went to lunch together on my birthday and I saw him last night.  Elder Robertson is gonna take care of them, and I´m gonna call them on Saturday nights so he goes to Church.  We have a baptismal date for Sept 22.  Pray, please.
The storm swerved and went to Haiti.  I was prepared, like, with water and  things, don´t worry.  It was just kinda windy here for a couple days, with rain off and on.  Apparently early Saturday morning there was really violent wind that scared some people, but I´m so used to the racket of Pueblo Nuevo that I snored right through it all.  Nothing fell over and no one died, so it´s all good.
Mom, I have to thank you for your amazingly positive attitude and your love for Dad. It´s so sad to see people who go through hard times that don´t bear it nearly as well as you do.  That´s something I never appreciated before, but reading your email today, I realized how you really learned from Grammy to just focus on the positives and keep working.  I love that, and appreciate it. I´m sure it´s helped me more than I´m aware.  You rock.
Go Becca!  I´m so glad she won!  I think partner tennis will be a really good experience for her, learning how to adjust to other people and stuff.  I like it.  I´m really proud of her. 
I hope math goes well. Man, I love math. I miss studying, really exerting my mind to figure out problems.  Those were fun.  I wish I could give her that for these two years that I´m not using it.
Glad Avyah´s a happy baby =)  How is Nicole and everyone?  Happy things went well with Mitt´s wife.  We´ll have to see!  Keep me posted on Politics.
I went on an exchange this week with Elder Beitia, and it was very fun to get out and work with a different person.  He´s been having some depression and having a hard time working, but I just excitedly told him that we were gonna work, and we did, and it was exciting.  His comp told me that after the exchange, he noticed a great change in Elder Beitia´s attitude.  It´s so weird working with Latins... sometimes they just have... a very different culture, a very different outlook, and a very different level of intelligence.  It´s an adjustment.  Amazing what a little hard work can do for anyone, regardless of their attitude or culture.  I´m learning SO much about working with people from very different walks of life.  Love the mission.
Well, tonight we´re going shopping and working and we have a "read the scriptures with the missionaries activity" that I´m really excited for.  I love meeting new people.  It´ll be really fun.  Stay safe, family, read scriptures together, and I love you lots!
Elder Taylor

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