Sep 19, 2012

Trent's email 9/12/12

Hola familia, es el tiempo de escribir.  Lo siento que vine temprano al centro de internet, pero hoy va a ser un pday suficientemente tranquilo, por fin.  Yo espero DOS correos de mama la proxima semana, y uno de papi, tambien.
let me think... what has happened this week?
I have decided officially that the first place i want to go when I get back from the mission is camping, preferably on a beach, like Lake Powell.  Most important parts are swimming, the campfire, and family, and a dutch oven.  Oh, boy, do I want a dutch oven peach cobbler.  Wow.  Sounds incredible.
Lots of working this week.  Lots of working.  I love Elder Nelson!  He´s such a stud.  So energetic.  We talk all the time, and we stay up late at night talking.  I told him stories last night that I had forgotten, like when I spun off the freeway with Meg and Saya and Blake (holla!), and other things.  It´s fantastic.  We´re always working when we´re supposed to, having a blast meeting new people.  His spanish still isn´t the strongest, but he´s totally cool.  He´s always laughing and having a good time, no matter how frustrating the situation.  We´ve been practicing spanish a lot.
I have a paper on my wall with three goals for every day.  Read two pages of the new testament, do three spanish exercises, and eat a vegetable with my lunch. It´s coming alright, but it´s something to strive for!  I want to finish the New Testament again, and do more exercises.
One of the coolest things I´ve reinforced on my mission is how people can change.  Reason, love, and diligence help people to leave behind their pride, their fear, and follow God.  It´s important to help people leave those things behind because, in reality, we´re required to sacrifice everything to be able to be true Christians. I love this opportunity I have to serve a mission, to leave everything behind to serve him.  I don´t know how easy it will be when I get home to do the same, but I know what´s most important, and I refuse to ever let go of it.  I´ve met plenty of people that say, "no, they will just be upset and things will just get worse if we try."  Then, I try, and things get better.  Faith really is the most important thing.  Faith in yourself, faith in others, and faith in Jesus Christ.  Faith in yourself is a matter of honesty, really.  Be honest with your strengths and your weakness, and don´t compare yourselves to others.  Faith in others has to do with an optimistic attitude.  Look for the good in people.  As Christ said, "judge not, that ye be not judged, for with what measure ye judge, shall ye also be judged" or something like that.  It´s so true.  When we see the bad in other people, they see the bad in us.  Pride breeds pride, humility breeds humility.  Finally, Faith in Jesus Christ comes down to the testimony from the Holy Ghost.  People like to think they know that the Gospel is true or false through temporal evidence, but they´re deceiving themselves and everyone else they talk to about it.  The only way to really know if God exists is to keep yourself Spiritually strong.  If we don´t obey the law of chastity, the word of wisdom (including coffee and tea), keeping sabbath day holy, and all the other commandments, we lose the right and ability to feel the spirit and will lose, bit by bit, the testimony that we´ve gained.  When we don´t do the three basics (read, pray, and go to church), we don´t invite the Spirit into our lives, and can´t build our testimony.  If we don´t dedicate time each day to build our testimony, we won´t have what we need to face the challenges of life when they come, and we won´t be able to enter into the Celestial Kingdom of God after the final judgment, simply for lack of diligence or prioritizing.  Really, it´s depressing.
So, that´s my new perspective. That´s how I feel. I invite each and every person who reads this letter to put their lives in order with the will of God through repentance.  Talk to your bishop, he´s there to help.  If you don´t know a bishop, find some missionaries. You´ll not regret that you did it.  Then, keep living the way He wants, keep reading and praying, and you´ll be blessed with things that are more important than anything or things that you can find in this world.  Try.  Have faith.  Believe in yourself, and believe in God!
I meet new inactive members every day.  Every single day, at least one.  I´m trying hard to meet all the active Melquisedek Priesthood Holders to get them involved in missionary work, too.  It´s a blast.
Keep on keeping on, family.  I love you!
Your son, Elder Taylor

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