Sep 12, 2012

Trent's email 9/5/12

Hey family.
It´s been a fantastic week.  I had to lead a meeting this week, and it went well, everything was very fun.  I really enjoyed sharing my testimony and my perspective of the scriptures with my friends.  I love my district, we´re gonna do lots of good work for this place.
Still loving La Vega. It´s surprising how many Menos Activos there are in this town, we keep running in to more and more.  I don´t know why we keep baptizing, we should just focus on helping them.
I´ve thought a lot about Anthony.  I wish I could just spend three weeks sleeping at his house and making him go to church so he wouldn´t have any more problems.  I love that man, and he has a desire to go to Church, but he just doesn´t have faith in himself.  He says that God isn´t helping him, that only I can help him.  But, God wants me here, so I can´t really change it.  I hope he keeps going and reading and stuff. I sent him a study guide and told him to fill it out and send it back to me.  I wish he´d do it.
We have few investigators here, so we´ve been doing a lot of contacting.  Elder Nelson´s energy is incredible, I love watching him work and he makes me want to be a better person. Also, Cody Eckman sent me a letter about being strong and doing the will of the Lord.  Really, if it weren´t for my friends, I´d be lost in this world.
Glad to hear that Becca and her partner are having fun in tennis.  Wish I could be there to see it!
We had a Zone activity (that´s why my email´s late) and it was really fun!  We just relaxed at the chapel in the Zone leader´s area, threw around a football (there´s a kid from Richfield and a kid from Cedar in my Zone) and talked about life, then made spaghetti and cookies.  so great.  Very relaxing.  There are sisters in this zone. It was very refreshing to have a feminine influence around.  Women make life better.
I have had SO MUCH FUN with Elder Nelson.  He´s hilarious. I´ve been doing a video journal every night, and when I run out of space on this memory card, I´m going to send it to you, but you guys need to send it back to me quick and take off all the photos (onto my laptop or something) so I can keep recording. I have two memory cards, but videos take up quite a bit of space.  My sixteen gig has about an hour and a half of video, I believe, and I do about three minutes a night, but sometimes more.  So, yeah. 
Gotta go.  Love you all!
Elder Taylor

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