Oct 24, 2012

Trent's email 10/17/12

Hey Mom, Dad, everyone!
Wow.  One year.  Who knew it would go by so fast?  At the same time, it´s almost daunting to think that I get to do everything again.  But, you know, that´s life.  Today we went to Tutti Frutti, Self Serve Frozen Yogurt, to celebrate.  It was fantastic.  So tasty.  I´m still enjoying it =)  I think it´s going to be an awesome second year.  I finally know what I need to get done, and how to do it effectively.  I hope I get to keep having lots of different experiences, like all the people that we meet... It´s getting to be pretty normal, but every once in awhile, I find someone who believes something wild that I´ve never heard before, or someone who´s super zealous about unfounded false doctrine.  Keeps life interesting.  Don´t worry, when you get my pictures (hoping they´ll get there), you´ll find out about all sorts of stuff like that.  I hope no one stole that card.  It does feel fantastic to be engaged in service to the Lord.  So fantastic.
Thanks for the glasses!  I´m excited.  I hope the perscription is better than what I have on these ones. 
Go Romney!
Hahaha, I don´t want to imagine how crazy Natalie and Becca were in Vegas, but I hope they had a blast.  We had our own little shopping Spree, Elder Nelson and I bought fabric to get some pants custom made.  $17 bucks total per pair of pants.  Not bad, eh?  I never understood very well how fun it can be to hang out with guys, because I always tried to surround myself with girls, but I´m really having a blast with guys on the mission.  Glad to hear that Dad´s having fun.
We had 10 investigators in Church on Sunday.  That´s unheard of, almost.  We were incredibly blessed and incredibly excited.  I´m so happy that these goals are helping us help people get to church.  Hopefully it wasn´t a fluke, hopefully these people really feel a difference from our message, and will make Church a priority so we can meet our 11 baptisms goal.  I´m so excited.  I also had about 35 seconds to prepare a lesson because the communication in the ward isn´t very good and no one prepared the lesson.  Woohoo.  I talked about Eternal families.  It was okay.
But, it´s been a great week.  I hope it keeps getting better!  Elder Nelson and Elder Grover are friends for life for sure.  I´m excited to see what life after the mission brings, Elder Nelson says he´s gonna take me clubbing, and I keep telling him that I´m gonna take him to Zion, and go to Barbados for my honeymoon.  It´ll be an adventure, having friends from across the globe.
Well, I love you guys!  Thanks for all your hard work and support.  I couldn´t be doing what I´m doing if it weren´t for the 19 years of dedication and service that my mom and my dad gave me, so I could be who I am.  I love you guys.
And Becca, you rock!  See you soon!
Elder Taylor

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