Oct 31, 2012

Trent's email 10/24/12

I can't believe its snowing there.  I'm not very jealous (although I do miss winter sports quite a bit and the sweating doesn't get anymore fun), and fairly comfortably here in my moist, rainy, year round hot climate.  Dominicans don't know what snow looks like.  I sweat significantly less in the winter months than in the summer months (summer is BRUTAL), and it has rained almost every day this week.  The rain jacket we bought was a fantastic idea, but unfortunately there are few missionaries that have one, so I usually end up letting them use my rain jacket while I use my trilogy jacket, and we go out tracting.  Or, we stay in an appointment a little longer than we should.  Heavy rain usually lasts 2 hours, at the most, and it's been raining lightly all day today.  But, I like getting wet.  We say that when you get wet, your wife gets prettier.  I'm down with that.
A professional?  Although I like the sound of that, I know that I still have more to learn than I know.  I don't know if this year has prepared me better to be a missionary or a father, because I still feel like I don't know how to teach some people.  We had a family the other day that we were teaching, and I don't know how clearly we have to explain that the Catholic church is false, but they just didn't get it.  We thought they understood SO WELL, until we extended the baptismal invitation.  Oh well, back to the lesson plan drawing board.  Simple, Elder Taylor, simple.  I might walk around with a sign that says "We're here to help you find the truth about Jesus Christ.  You've been lied to your whole life.  Listen to us if you want to be saved."  Maybe.  What do you think?  Effective teaching?
I'm sure the year will zoom by.  This week has flown by. 
Haha, we can't ever find the tailor in his house, so he still hasn't even measured us, so our new pants are still NOT coming.  But, when they do come, they'll be fantastic.  Just wait.
I am excited to have lots of buddies from the mission when I'm grown up.  It'll also be awesome to be able to talk to other missionaries about their missions, like Seth and Parker and Cody and Blake.  Sheesh, it'll be awesome.
Wow, Seth is done??  how weird!  He's speaking Korean.  He sung with Blake and I.  He was also preparing like CRAZY for his mission, reading Preach My Gospel like, two hours every day.  I imagine he was a very strong, very prepared missionary.  I am excited to hear that he finished as a Zone leader.  Glad to know Parker's well.
Investigators are good.  I cut my eye open on Monday morning while running, and I had to get three stitches on my eyelid.  It was super intersting to watch.  I'm all better now.  The hospital was very clean, btw.  Anyway, we wasted all monday in the hospital, so I hope my investigators are doing well.  7 came to District Conference, but Senso still doesn't have his answer.  We hope to see him tonight or tomorrow to help him along the process.  We also have quite a few marriages that we have to take care of, so that will be interesting as well. 
Oh, how awesome that Becca got to go pee her pants in California with Becca Lynn.  It must've been quite entertaining for Dad to watch that happen.  Glad to hear you enjoyed it.  Is Dad planning a family trip to the DR next year?  I hope to get to take you guys to meet the Vasquez family, and go to the beach and SWIM in this amazing country. 
Wow, it just amazes me to think that you can make phone calls and talk for quite awhile.  We're currently in a campaign for more minutes... we're very limited in how much we're allowed to call people, and it makes it very difficult to invite people to activities and church and remind people of appointments and coordinate work with members. Wish us luck. 
I'm glad to hear Kimmy and Ben and family are well!  I'm still packing around their Christmas Card with me from last year.  I haven't heard from ANY of them!  It'll be fun to have a two year old daughter, I guess.  How cool.  Journey is a good name, too.  Hmm.
Anyway, Besides wasting a day in the hospital, I also had some weird leadership stuff on Monday.  I'm district leader, which means I'm in charge of coordinating district meetings every monday.  Six missionaries talk to me about their problems, I communicate to them the plans of the Mission president or if there's any activity, etc.  We were trying to plan an activity, and one missionary doesn't want to do ANYTHING.  Doesn't matter what it is.  He's very blunt about it.  Makes it hard for his comp to have fun, and makes our lives difficult.  But, we do the best we can.  Also, he's extremely resistant to cooperate with me.  When I ask him a question, he answers tersly.  He's a new missionary.  I'm learning the importance of patience, of not criticizing, and of Christlike service.  I like having this opportunity, but I hope I don't have to deal with this too often.  I have another missionary who's still mad at me because I called him out for being prideful, even though I tried anxiously to ask for forgiveness.  It's hard being a leader.  I wish people in the states would recognize that and criticize less.  Joseph Smith did quite well, all things considered.
Have a great week!  You're the best family (and friends) ever!  Love you all!
Elder Taylor

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