Oct 10, 2012

Trent's email 10/3/12

Hey Mom!
So, I know it´s late.  My comp´s grandma died, and he found out this
morning when I was about to email you, so we´re back in the internet
center now that he´s gotten a little better and skyped his parents and
everything.  Excuse the weirdness.
I´m doing well.  My comp´s been having a hard day.  Today, we´re not
preaching cuz we spent about 4 hours in Santiago just relaxing,
letting him talk to his parents and just be alone for awhile.  It was
a good recuperation time for the both of us, really.  I´ve been
feeling quite stressed out.  We decided it was important that we email
our families to let them know that things are okay (especially his),
so it´s been good.  It was strange going back to Santiago, it was kind
of like returning to BYU after a couple weeks at home.  
Glad to hear that the family´s doing good!  Thanks so much for always keeping me updated, Mom, you rock.
How do you decide what a Dominican looks like?  They all look so...
different.  Black, white, tall, short... it´s hard to know.  They all
have brown eyes, though, and few men aren´t shaven.  It´s hot here,
hair is not your friend.
I´m excited to get a picture of the house!  I like knowing where I
live ;)  I´m sure Becca´s changed a lot, she looked so much older in
the video chat.  Lots of pictures, lots and lots of pictures!  Aw,
parents, keep exercising!  It´s the key to a healthy, happy life ;)  I
like my exercise.  This week, I did an exchange with a soccer player.
New missionary.  He runs like the DEVIL!  It was VERY VERY Difficult
to keep up with him.  I was glad that I´ve been running with Elder
Grover in the mornings so he didn´t completely slaughter me.  I was
sore ALL DAY, but it felt good.
I love treating each person like an individual.  They´re ALL children
of God, and you NEVER know which one is prepared to receive the
message in that moment.  Plus, I´ve always thought that every person
has something fantastic to share, you´ve just got to listen!  I´ve
learned a lot from people that way.  We actually talked to the
President about the process the twelve go through to call the mission
presidents (as explained to him personally by President Eyring) and I
realized that they put a whole lot of time and effort in getting to
know individuals--their families, their career, their lifestyle--to
see if the time is right for them to be called as mission presidents.
President Douglas had two personal interviews with Elder
Christofferson, and one with President Eyring, all through video
conferences.  How would you feel to get that call? Haha.  Anyway, God
is personal.  I loved that example of Jesus Christ, Mom, and I think
that that´s part of the reason why home teaching is so
important--gives us a chance to be personally concerned about one
another on a specific, private level.  I´ve always liked that program.
That´s also one thing that sets our religion apart from every others,
as far as missionary work.  We´re trained to listen, ask questions,
know about their families, and help them understand the personal
benefits of our message.  Conference is incredible on a general level,
but nothing´s more important than a close friend who´s willing to
sacrifice personal time for you.
We get the conference on a satellite, we go to the stake center and
watch it together.  This weekend, we´ll be in a chapel downtown almost
all weekend.  We´re gonna make pizzas with all the missionaries in the
Zone to celebrate my companion´s birthday on Friday (it´ll be great!)
and just hang out and relax.  Conference is a wonderful weekend for
There was a talk in the Liahona about clearing your schedule for
conference, I thought it had some good, even if a little unrealistic,
points that I want to try and follow when I get home.
Glad to hear that Colton´s doing well!  Hope it´s fun for him, being
the quarterback =)  He´s a good kid.  I wish I could see the games,
but I guess I´ll be there when it gets to be a big deal, right?
 Glad to hear about Marcus, DJ, Becca and Alec, and fantastic
strong family that I have.  You guys rock.
It´s amazing to get out of Utah and see the difference in the world.
So glad I´ve served a mission.  SO glad.  New perspective.  Plus, the
gospel has become so much more REAL to me, not just a list of things I
do to comply.  God is real.  We NEED him.  If you don´t believe in
Him, pray.  Pray until you get an answer.  I know you will.  If you
think you´ll be better off for not following His laws, you´re foolish.
Think about it.  Pray about it.  Read the scriptures.  You´ll ALWAYS
be better for reading the scriptures.  ALWAYS.  If people would follow
gospel principles... WOW.  This world would be so much better.  To
quote Bryant Newell, "even if the gospel wasn´t true, the lifestyle is
AMAZING!"  It is true.  But it´d almost be worth it to live the laws
even if there was no "salvation" deal at the end.  Just live it.  Try
it and see.  Be faithful. "My yoke is easy and my burden is light!"
Hope the debate is going well.  Wish I could decorate for Halloween!
The stores around here are already setting up for Christmas, and it
makes me trunky.  I´m glad Becca has so much fun decorating.
Love you all! You´re the best family ever.
Elder Taylor

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