Oct 3, 2012

Trent's email 9/26/12

It has been a good pday.  I sent you guys my memory card, it has lots of video journals that will let you see the state of my acne, hair length, happiness level, and a three minute update about what´s been going on in my life.  Please pull everything off of the card and onto my laptop, and erase the card completely.  If you want, you can send me pictures of the family so I can see how old Becca is now.  Then, send it back to me promptly, because I´m gonna run out of space on my other two soon.
Also, I´m happy.  Cleaning, shopping, playing sports.  I´ve realized how important it is to simply be a friendly person.  Sometimes, I get so focused on "preaching" and "sharing the message" and stuff that I forget basic rules of courtesy.  I realized that missionary work is impossible if they don´t trust you, and they´re not going to trust you if you´re a strange robot, or a hyperactive preacher.  Evangelicos are the "do the Lord´s will or you´re going to Hell NOW" guys, and it´s obnoxious.  We go house to house preaching with love, talking about Jesus and all the things he´s done for us, giving them the chance to feel the Spirit to know that the Church is true (cuz how am I, a stupid 20 year old American, going to convince ANYONE that the church is true).  We just leave it to the Spirit, give our testimony, share the message they sent us with, and love the people.
Excuse my preachiness on my last email, just sharing what I´ve learned.  I am assigned to be a preacher, after all.  God does call those guys, even if people don´t want to hear what we have to say.  
Weird that the iPhone 5 is already out.  
Weirder that Becca and her friends are going to be dating.  I don´t know why we let sixteen year olds date.  I did so many stupid things as a child.  Don´t let Becca date til she´s twenty.  Til after her mission.  I was so dumb.
Hope fitness for life goes well.  Wish I could hear about the high school gossip.  Also, excited to see football games and stuff.
Man, I miss fast food, I miss people cooking for me, and I miss relaxing.  one day, one day, I´ll have all those things again.  For now, I´m here, right?
Thank you for taking care of my visual needs.  It´s really important.  I don´t like being blind.
Well, I´m gonna go.  Have a great week!  Love you all!
Elder Taylor

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