Nov 5, 2012

Trent's email 10/31/12

Happy Halloween family!!! and Cody, and everyone else who might read this.
Side note--Please put mufflers on all motorcycles that you have.  I´m so tired of hearing REALLY LOUD motorcycles daily.  One just drove by.
A few people know what Halloween is, and apparently there´s one street downtown that is doing trick or treating, but where I´m at, no one´s celebrating, and most people are like, "oh, yeah, I´ve heard of that day."  Elder Grover knows, though.  So does Elder Fleurima.  Elder Nelson and I reminded them by mixing corn syrup and red juice powder and putting it all over their bathroom in the middle of the night (we stole their keys and snuck in at 5 in the morning), and wrote "Happy Halloween" on the mirror.  And stole some of Elder Grover´s ties.  It was great.  So worth the tiredness that I´m experiencing right now (if that sounded weird, it´s because I´m using Spanish grammar... habit).  And you guys reminded me by sending me a fantastic package!  I... ate... all the pumpkin candy corn... in two days.  It was SO GOOD, and I just couldn´t control myself!  I don´t know why.  We were just studying, and I kept popping them in.  The only thing left over now are the pumpkin seeds... and I got the package on Saturday morning.  I´m also wearing the glasses.  I realized that these are good for, like, normal vision, like computers, and the other ones are better for proselyting because of the transition lenses, and they´re a little TOO strong prescription, so I just use those proselyting and these on Pday.  THANK YOU!
Hahaha, glad to hear that Becca liked the package.  I almost didn´t send her another present, cuz she just got one for her birthday, but I figured she needed one more than any of the rest of you. 
I sent the card in an envelope, but I tried to wrap it up to make it look like it was a letter... I guess I DIDN´T do a very good packing job on that.  I bet someone stole it.  Hope they enjoy my videos and my pictures.  What a bummer =(  I´ll have to be more careful with the next one.
I read somewhere that GIFTS count as INCREASE in wealth, a statement with which I agree, and that increase from any source during the mission should be tithed in a home ward.  I haven´t done well in that up til this point, but would you be so kind to pay tithing on that money that Grammy gave me in my account, and for future reference as well?  I´m sorry if it´s a lot of trouble... but it´s worth it to me to be obedient to the law of tithing =)  Thank you Mom!  And thank you Grammy!
Becca is NOT too old to Trick or Treat!  Take it back!  Justin and I did it until I... wait.  I moved.  Didn´t I trick or treat in St. George?  Probably not.  Man, I don´t remember a single Halloween in St. George.  How lame.
I hope the root beer turns out well!  There´s lots of coke and cream soda here, but there´s very little root beer.  One of my to dos when I get done is go to Brick oven for some root beer.  Aw, MAN!  It´ll be great.
Wow, it´s already general election time!  I feel like it was just last month when Romney got chosen as the Republican candidate.  It´s really funny to hear news about the U.S. from Dominicans, because they think that "New York" consists of the entire country (I was told that the whole country lost light due to Sandy) and they take the polls and comments from CNN very literally.  Our branch president wants to immigrate, so he always tells me how bad Romney is doing.  Learning patience.
Glad to hear about SOCCER!  WOO!! I can´t wait to go watch her games.  Next year!  Hopefully her leg will get better. 
We didn´t get even a little bit of Hurricane Sandy.  I didn´t know about it until Dominicans started telling me about the destruction in Haiti, and then in New York.  So, I´m good.  Wooow.  That IS Bad.  How many people died?  I heard, like, 30.  Is that true?
Okay, sorry, I left you without details on the eye thing.
I went running with Elder Grover at 6:25 one morning, and there was a wire hanging low in between two trees (probably to hang up clothes) that Elder Grover barely dodged, but hit me right in the head.  I cut up my nose a little and got a nice gash on my lower left eyelid.  Went to the hospital, and they stitched me up.  My opthamalagist was AWESOME.  It made me think a lot about what I want to do as a doctor.  Maybe eyes.  Maybe, like, management?  I like making decisions.  We´ll have to see.  It was fascinating to watch the surgery =)  three stitches on my lower eyelid.  They´re all out, now.  The hospital was comfortable, unlike the one my trainer went to in Santiago.  Ugh.
But, yeah.  We´re working hard!  Trying to get lots of support from the members, it´s really interesting to see the difference in the conversion of every person, based on how well they do the LITTLE THINGs.  I know the Church, although often run by idiots, is very well organized, and if we do it according to the way it´s supposed to, it will wonderfully fulfill its purpose, which is help us become closer to the saints.  I´m really grateful for all those church leaders who sacrificed much so that I could have a strong testimony of this gospel.  This week, we saw the Primary program, and the President had to do almost EVERYTHING herself, but it was incredible to see the final result.  I know she had a lot of difficulties, and she had to do with a lot of stupid people, but it´s something that the adults who attended will remember for a long time, and hopefully will be a strong base for the testimony of their children.  I love reflecting on the times when I was able to participate in many of those sorts of activities, and I´m so grateful to the LEADERS who sacrificed, tolerated, and had LOTS of patience with me so that I could become the person I am today and become a missionary.  I wish more people would understand the purpose of the Church and make more personal sacrifices to help out the members, just like Sister Rosario.  Sure, sometimes we have meetings that maybe are unnecessary, but as long as we focus on people and families, we have success in what we do.  This church is incredible.  Furthermore, it is God´s church.  The principles and ordinances it teaches are essential for salvation.  I love what it says in my patriarchal blessing, "you will be a better man in every way for giving of your time and talents to the building up of the kingdom of God."  Now, I have strong testimony that THAT is true.  I know it is true for ALL who have faith in Jesus Christ.  This is His church.  No other organization on earth deserves more of our attention.  I hope you guys get callings soon =)
Have a fantastic week!  I love you all!
Elder Taylor

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