Nov 28, 2012

Trent's email 11/21/12 #2

So, for Preparation Day, Elder Taylor decided to have Thanksgiving.  His zone wanted to participate.  Even though it was transfer week.
I had to thaw the turkey using a hose in the bathtub and a bucket, with the water running overnight.
But, it turned out delicious.
I did Sweet potato casserole (delicious!) and some stuffing (also fantastic) and my companion did gravy and we peeled 12 pounds of potatoes to make mashed potatoes, and of course, a whole turkey.  The zone leaders made pumpkin and banana cream pies.  We might be eating white rice the rest of this apoyo period, but it was SO WORTH IT.
Also, Elder Nelson (Barbados), Elder Taai (Christmas Islands), and Elder Dowell (Monroe, UT) are featured in these pictures.

Dear family, Cody, and Courtney, I love you all.

Yours, Trent

Sorry, the pictures didn't come through.  We will all have to see them when he gets back.

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