Nov 28, 2012

Trent's email 11/21/12

Dear Mom, Dad, and anyone else who wants to read this email,
Thanks!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all, as well!  I´m thankful for the mission, I´m thankful for my mom and dad and sister, I´m thankful for my awesome companion, I´m thankful for a knowledge of Jesus Christ, I´m thankful for my ability to work, I´m thankful for all the people who send me letters and packages (Christmas is coming up, people.  Let´s not waste time), I´m thankful for my healthy body, I´m thankful for my bed, I´m thankful for Alexis, Belkys, Senso, Moreno, Morena, Juan, Oswaldo, and all our investigators, I´m thankful for President Rossó, Wascar, Chiquito, and all the other cool members in our ward, I´m thankful for love, I´m thankful for peace, I´m thankful for families, I´m thankful for respect, I´m thankful for the scriptures, I´m thankful for the ability to eat until my eyes pop out...
Well, when you read my other email, your first question will be answered.
Courtney told me you had invited her, thanks for thinking about her!  I appreciate it.
I don´t know how you guys plan Thanksgiving.  It takes sooo much coordination, and so much money!  I was so surprised that it turned out well for us, there were a couple moments when I thought everything was ruined.  And not to mention that it´s EXHAUSTING.  But, it was worth it.  Everyone contributed to the price (even though my comp and I took most of the financial burden) and helped clean up afterwards, and they were all satisfied.  The sister missionaries are gonna come over tomorrow and we´ll have another mini party with the zone leaders and Elder Grover and his new missionary (Elder Castro from Mexico).  I´m excited.
And that will be Thanksgiving.
We had some interesting experiences this week. I realized that we´re quite lucky, that very few people close the door on our faces, but this week there was an angry catholic lady that told us that she didn´t want anything to do with us.  Also, we´re working on finding less actives that might´ve moved, and seeing where they live now (the branch president wants us to help clean up the ward member list, so he put us to it) and we´ve talked to some people with interesting stories.  I´ve thought a lot about the Atonement and the purpose of life, and I just wish I could help everyone feel what I´ve felt about the Gospel.  It´s so frustrating to run into someone whose heart is closed, or whose ears are stuffed with pride.  One evangelical likes to tell us that we´re stupid for believing in a Prophet every time we walk by.  It would be such a blessing in people´s lives if they would JUST LISTEN.
Agency.  So important.  People really are stupid sometimes.
Mom, I don´t think it´s a sin to be proud of me... it´s a sin to think that I´m the best, or to look past my faults, but I think you can be proud of me.  President Uchtdorf talked about that.  So, thanks =) 
Do you think we´ll come back to the DR?  I´ve thought that we would, but maybe not.  I´d love to take you guys back here to meet the Vasquez family and to see the cheap avacado and delicious pineapple, and go to the temple. 
Yeah, transfers were today, Elder Nelson and I are staying here.  President Douglas doesn´t like things to change much.  I´m okay with that, yesterday I realized that I still have a lot to learn from Elder Nelson, so I´m excited.  I´m comfortable and happy, I didn´t think I´d have this much fun on the mission.  We´re gonna work super hard this transfer, I´ve already set some specific goals.  It´ll be good.  I do like transfers, it´s always exciting to see what´s going to happen.  I predict that I´ll train again next transfer.  I´m glad to know that everything´s up to God and I don´t have to worry about it.
Aah, politics frustrate me so much.  I don´t understand economics, but I feel like giving people jobs just to give them jobs doesn´t really help out the society, or giving out food to people who aren´t willing to look for jobs doesn´t really help out anyone.
Why can´t people be responsible, and cool, like the pioneers?  They worked for EVERYTHING they did!
I´ve been thinking alot about how I want to help the world become a better place, by way of profession.  I´ve always wanted to be a well-established doctor to be able to travel around the world and help people in countries like this one, where they just can´t get help.  But, I´m starting to think that that might not be the best career choice for my personality.  I think I still want to be a doctor, but maybe in administration of a hospital or something.  Haven´t figured it out yet.  More on that later.  People always told me I´d change my mind on the mission, and I never believed them.
I´m glad you´re helping out in the Church, Mom!  The Church is weird in Utah, but it really is the Lord´s kingdom on earth, so work there, and you´ll help out lots of people who need you!
I don´t get why Becca doesn´t like school.  I like school.  A lot.  I miss school.  But, I´m glad she´s got exercises for her knee.  Is she playing soccer, or is her knee super bad?
I´m glad I have a Dad who works so hard to take care of us.  I still can´t imagine the burden he feels as a father.  I think it will be very stressful.  Take it as it comes, right?
Aww, I thought about you a lot on Saturday, Mom.  I´m glad they treated you well.  Are there good movies that I have to see when I get back?  Becca only better pick the really really good ones!  I don´t want to watch anything kind of good, and I don´t want to watch anything with anything dirty in it.  Fair warning.
Hmm.  Excited to see our new house.  I hit 13 months on Monday, can you believe it?  This last year is going to go by much quicker than the first one.  Anyway, that´s all for this week.  Love you all!  Take care!
Elder Taylor

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