Dec 5, 2012

Trent's email 11/28/12

Hey mom!  Hey Dad!
We were at the internet center this afternoon when, in the last 20 minutes of our internet time, we lost internet, so now we´re back to finish (we had to go to some appointments at six, so we´re doing the best we can).  It´s strange to think that Becca still goes to school every day, that her life is normal, that she doesn´t know what it´s like to talk to crazy Catholics and stuff like that...  I definitely am REMOVED from the world out here in the mission field, but I like it.  How´s that dog of ours doing?  I´m glad I won´t have to deal with Mrs. Pickles at much extent, because it definitely doesn´t sound like a pleasant experience.
Yay, Christmas packages!
The one for Thanksgiving cost me $40, by the way... it was heavy.  I think it was that canned pumpkin you sent me.  So, I appreciate the stuff, but my funds are suffering.  Help?
I´m super excited to eat those cookies =) and the pistachios were a wonderful surprise, along with the skittles and twix.  THANK YOU!
Dicken´s festival!  Wow, the traditions that I have forgotten!  Cool.  How old´s Chloe now?  How are Lance and Teresa holding up?  
You should be impressed.  That sweet potato casserole, man it was great!  And I now know (more or less) how to cook a turkey.  And how to do pumpkin pie from scratch.  Thanksgiving rocks!  Only missed out on Pecan pie. It seems too complicated, I didn't even want to attempt.
Courtney got the pictures.  Ask her to send them to you or something.
Weird, weird, weird.  Brittany getting married.  Dallen emailed me.  Didn't say much.  Cassie pregnant again?  How are they holding up?  What´s up with Jay these days?  Aah, graduating.  Seems like a far ways away.  Far, far, far ways away. Go Kelcie! Go Austin!  I can´t wait to chat with Chase about his mission!
Go Jess!  I didn´t know that people could shop all through the night, I thought the stores opened at 4 am.
Man, people are SO stubborn!  we found a catholic that tried to tell us that God will never send more than the Bible, and the Jehovah´s witnesses believe the same thing... It´s so FRUSTRATING, because the majority of them are better than many of the Latter Day Saints (and much more dedicated, I might add), but they´re closed off to the truth by a false belief in the bible.  It´s so FRUSTRATING!  As if God can´t talk more than once.  SO DUMB!
Read the Book of Mormon.  EVERYONE.  Pray to know if it´s the word of the Lord.  It might take a little time to get your answer, but if you REALLY WANT TO KNOW, to FOLLOW THE LORD, you will!  Just pay attention.
Then, help the rest of us share the message with the world, and serve in the Church, eh?  It´s totally worth the work.
Aaah, I might have to move to this country when I get older, family.  Fresh bananas, avacado, beaches, mangos, limoncillo, my skin clears up, nice people... it´s just so awesome.  I might have some serious culture shock when I get home.
Woow, Krishel can´t get married!  She´s always been on my (long) list of options! Aah, Katie Cable´s married, Tiele Quist is married... -sigh-.  Good thing I only need one, cuz it seems like MOST are getting taken from me.
Well, that´s rough.  I wouldn´t like to get my knee torn up.  Our greenie rolled his ankle playing basketball today, but he´s okay.  From Oaxaca, Dad.
Salt Lake, eh?  Go Bob!  Hmm, that´s really weird, thinking of him as a dad.  Hopefully he´s keeping his life in order.  I´ve realized a lot more out here how hard it must be to be a father in this world, especially without the help of God.  I hope he lives a tranquil life.  
Well, family, it´s late and I´m tired.  I love you all!  Have a great week!
Elder Taylor

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