Dec 19, 2012

Trent's email 12/12/12

Hey Mom!
My week has been really good.  Very eventful.  We had our Zone conference, aka Christmas party on Tuesday, and I was the only one who got musical numbers together.  It was very fun, Elder Grover and I worked hard on a version of O Come all ye Faithful in Spanish, and we were really proud of it.  Sister Douglas made stuffing, turkey, ham, fruit salad, crossaints, delicious pumpkin bars, and more to celebrate.  We had a big testimony meeting, and we watched half of Ben Hur, a movie about Jerusalem in Christ's day.  I love President and Sister Douglas.  Wednesday... I got hit by a motorcycle.  It was my own stupid fault, I got distracted crossing the street.  Got the wind knocked out of me pretty badly, but that was it.  Sister Douglas told me to go to the hospital just in case, and I'm fine.  So, we spent all day Wednesday in the hospital.  Today we're in Santiago, because tomorrow we're participating in a flash mob in a mall around here, that Sister Douglas organized.  She needed loud voices =)  We spent all morning in the mission home helping President and Sister Douglas get the other zone conference ready.
I'm learning a lot this week about the importance of companionship study and always focusing on your investigators.  I get so excited to teach when we find new scriptures and new ways to teach, new things to say.  We got a bit of that in this week, and I want to try to do it every day.
Also, today, I bought fabric to get some more pants made.  I like custom made, and I'm low anyway.
OH!  PLEASE send me Compound W.  I have lots of warts, and I got medication from here, but it is NOT WORKING at ALL.  Don't get me the liquid, get me the gel, please, and send it quickly!  They're starting to really damage my self image here.
Anyway, I'm going to buy new shirts next week.  I've got one stained really badly, one with big holes in it from barbed wire, and one I gave away to Junior, the father of the family I baptized in July.  I need more.
Go Becca!  I know she can do it.  She should enjoy the time with her friends while she has it!  Johannes Brahms!  I wish I could see her report.  That would be excellent.  How's piano going for her?
I can't imagine Christmas shopping right now... it doesn't sound that fun.  Hope you enjoy it.
Wow, what a good celebration for your anniversary!  That's wonderful to hear that you two are enjoying your time together.  Marriage is so underappreciated these days... I mean, I don't know anything about marriage, but I feel like basic affection and spending time together are important... I don't see a lot of that.  I feel like people are missing a huge part of God's plan.  Go parents!  I hope you're having fun together =)
I sent a message to Sister Fuller, and sent you a Carbon Copy.  It's in Spanish, but you'll get the gist.  She should get you the new address on Monday at the latest.
YOU TWO ARE PARTICIPATING IN THEATER!  I'm so proud!  That's excellent!  What parts are you doing??? Aww, that's got to be SO FUN!  I wish I could see it.  I never thought you guys would do ANYTHING like that!
Haha, that makes me happy.
Ask Courtney where SHE'S going next summer.  Big news.
Family, I love you all so much!  You're the best.  Don't worry about me, I learned my lesson and I won't be crossing streets erratically for awhile, I promise.
I love participating in this work.  I love learning about the Savior, doing what He would do if He were here.  I love being here for Christmas.  It's the 2nd best place I can think of being.  Being with YOU three would be the 1st best.
Love you, family!
Elder Taylor
P.S.  Next week, Pday should be Wednesday again.

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