Dec 26, 2012

Trent's email 12/19/12

Hey Mom!
I´m soo good.  We went to a campsite in Bonao and had a blast.  It´s been very fun.  The weather was a little warm, we were sweating a bit as we played basketball.  I actually MISS the cold, the hot chocolate, the sledding, the cuddling, the snow.  Hahaha, she can do it.  Poor girl.  Tell her she can come walk around in the sun all day every day and never stop talking to people if she would prefer.

Aww, I had SO MUCH FUN singing.  I love to sing.  I might want to make it a more permanent hobby when I get home.  Christmas music is fantastic.  I´m sorry that no one wants to accompany you.

No, I´d never seen Ben Hur before, but the 1.5 hours we watched were FANTASTIC!  I want to see it badly.
I mostly just ached today when we were playing basketball and I took a couple of elbows in the chest, but nothing too bad.  It´s a good story, right?  Sister Douglas is SO FUN.  The flash mob involved us singing loudly in a mall, one by one starting to sing.  Very exciting.  We should be getting a youtube link soon, once they get it all edited together.  I´ll keep you guys posted.  Hopefully it makes an impact in the mission work.

Thanks for sending me the stuff.  I got the package =)  It was fantastic!  Thanks so much!  I was surprised that there was no fudge or divinity or peppermint bark--don´t tell me you´ve stopped the tradition this year.  It was delicious, always nice to have some chocolate in the house.  My orange sticks are in the freezer.  MMmmm.

Hahaha, still, you two are standing in front of people.  I´m so proud!  Good work =)  I hope you had fun, and hope it leads you to do more theater in the future =)  I´m sure I´ll do community projects and will need your help in the future.
Yeah, Courtney lived there almost all of her life.  A little time in Pennsylvania, but mostly Parkersburg.  I think it´s amazing she´s going to Jerusalem, lucky duck. 
I feel like Dad starts a new job every week.  Like, every time I get to the internet center, you say something about Dad and a new job.  No one really helps his style flow, do they?  They´re crampin him up.

15 pounds!  alright!  I heard weight loss was just about calorie intake?  I´m glad he´s exercising.  I hope I can find some time to go down to go people watching/walking with him when I get home.  I need to spend more time with that man.

I´m glad you three are having a fun Christmas holiday.  Skyping is looking good, we should be good to go at 1:30 PM my time on Christmas, which will be 10:30 AM your time, I believe.  I´m super excited to see Becca and her growingupness.  It´ll be very fun!  I am also excited to open the presents you sent me in the package.

Anyway, that´s all for now.  I love you!  Have a fantastic week, and talk to you on Tuesday!
Love, Elder Taylor

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