Dec 12, 2012

Trent's email 12/5/12

Mom, Dad, Cody, and others,
Happy December to you, too!!
Hahaha, the Dominicans don't celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween, but they DO celebrate Christmas, so they've been feeling that spirit since October.  It's kind of lame, actually, it gets old faster that way.  But, more and more trees and lights go up every day, so that's really exciting.  I love singing Christmas hymns.
We don't have decorations (and money, much less), except the nativity set that Courtney colored for me on cardboard last year... but I can't find a spot in the house to put it.  We have very little furniture and wind blows hard through our house, so it's not really UP, it's just chilling on my desk.  And that's all we have for Christmas.  I'm gonna see if my friend still has those stockings I sent him last year (he's from the Christmas Islands, so I sent him stockings when he got to the mission, the ones you sent me in my package).  See if I can get them back :)
Uh oh, I hope Kenji gets better!  And I'm glad to know that Mrs. Pickles isn't such a turkey.  You guys were making me scared.  I'm sure Becca's having a diabolical amount of fun spraying her with water.

Miami's expensive.  Maybe you could try sending them to the mission office directly through UPS?  I don't know.  The address has changed since I got here, so you have to check that out.  I don't know what it is anymore.  But, I thank you kindly for the many packages you have sent!  They're fantastic, and always bring a little home back to me.  I like that.  And, more importantly, reminds me of how great a family I have.  You guys are the best. 
It's amazing how far a little service goes for a hardhearted nonmormon.  People just light up when we help them, even if we don't leave them a book, we leave a good impression.  Plus, behavior is a big deal.  We've gotta always set a standard when we're around people so they don't think we're just crazy.  Well, they all think we're crazy and worship Joseph Smith, so we have to do our best to fight those steriotypes.
I have learned a LOT about Catholicism.  It'll be fun to talk to Darlene Newell about her experience in the US, because it's very Dominican Catholic here.
I hope we come back here a lot.  Better fruit than Mexico, even though the food isn't as good in general.  Limoncillo is a tiny thing that looks like a lime on the outside, a grape on the inside, and tastes like... a sweet lemon.
I'm glad Teresa's good.  I miss festivals and lots of food.  I hope Dillon and everyone else is happy and healthy, too, there in Kanab.  Dallen Root emailed me, he's doing good and excited to go on a mission, I guess.
Sabrina's SO ADVENTUROUS!  That's awesome.  I never really liked Indian food when I was roommates with Sarva (sorry Sarva, if you ever read this), but that's awesome.  Lamb Curry?  Wow.  I do miss Thai food.  Go Tasha!  I can't wait to meet her husband.  Glad to know they're doing good.  Where's Jackson on his mission?  We don't trade ties that often, but I could get something going if I wanted to.
This week has been great.  I've gotten a new hold of what it means to be a missionary, and learning SO MUCH and working MUCH HARDER.  I love it.  I've been exhausted and motivated and stoked all at once, and I couldn't be happier.  I think the only more rewarding job is being a parent, but I'm not sure.  We're planning an activity for couples to help fortify families, and I'm mostly heading it off, but we've invited President Douglas and Sister Douglas and four other couples in the district to help people learn more about tricks for raising a gospel-centered home.  I hope people show up on time.  We had some really nice invitations made and hand delivered.  That'll be the hope of this week.
Furthermore, we're having our Christmas celebration on Tuesday, it'll be three zones here in La Vega to sing, bear testimonies, and probably eat lots of food.  I'm stoked.  We're preparing various songs, and I LOVE TO SING CHRISTMAS SONGS!  I wish I had a prettier voice, but I'm definitely grateful for the knowledge and love of music that I HAVE acquired.  It's going to be fun.
And, hopefully Senso gets baptized.  We're doing everything we can.  Pray lots, please!
I love you all!
Elder Taylor

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