Jan 23, 2013

Trent's email 1/16/13

Mom!  Dad!  Others!
I´m great.  It was a relaxing morning.  I have a keyboard and a guitar in my house now (president Douglas let us have a piano, and my comp brought his guitar for Pdays) and we´ve been playing around and rocking out, and I also slept a whole lot this morning, and it´s my Zone leader´s birthday so we´re going to eat frozen yogurt nearby.  Such a good day.  Also, we´ve found a lot of good new investigators, and I´m feeling confident about my ability as a missionary... not because I think I´m as good as I should be, but because I´m progressing.  It´s relieving, and exciting.  I love Preach My Gospel, the mission manual.  Incredibly helpful.
So, fun investigator story.  He´s not my investigator, but he´s Elder Grover´s and I see him all the time.  His name´s Robert, he´s from Germany (he came to get married to a Dominican and stayed here for some reason) and he´s super intelligent.  He´s read the Koran, he thought the 10 commandments are the only important parts of Christianity and everything else is just "as interpreted by man."  He was looking for a congregation with whom he could worship, but wasn´t looking for the truth.  He thought that we were good, and he started coming to Church, and thought we just talked about prophets too much... until we got the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow book.  He loves reading, so he took one and read it in two weeks, and said, "I get why prophets are so important.  I want to be baptized."  He wants to be a leader in the Church.  He´s always felt like he´s had a purpose in this country, and he thinks it´s this church.  He´s now reading the Teachings of Joseph Smith (really big book, by the way).  The sincere seekers of truth will find a way to it, even if it´s a little unorthodox.  Miracles happen when we work.
And I´m working too, even though I don´t have any super awesome miracle to talk about.  Just fyi.

I´m sorry it´s soo cold.  I laughed a little yesterday, because I was cold with maybe 65 degrees, and then I thought of you guys in the snow.  I hope Kenji doesn´t die.
Elder Grover is 100% now, no worries.  It was Denge, the fever you get from mosquitoes.  I don´t have that many missionaries to be responsible for, so it´s not that stressful, and I love them, so it´s good.  We´re like a family here, because ours are so far away.  It was nice to just chill in the hospital with him for a day.  Becca´s way too cool to not be asked out a million times a week, so just keep a tight leash on her, eh?  I hope you´re super careful with the serious dating thing, that´s the BIGGEST problem.  I know her brother didn´t give her the best example, either.  I´ve made some promises to myself about the way I´m going to start dating when I get back, and it will be much better than what I did before.  I´m excited to be able to threaten her dates.  I vote she can´t go on dates until I interview the boys that are taking her out.  October.
I actually read that same section, Mom.  We´ve been talking to EVERYONE and asking for lots of referrals.  It´s really productive, and quite exciting.  The first missionary didn´t baptize anyone, but gave a BoM to Brigham Young.  I think his name was Samuel Smith.  Gordon B. Hinckley had a really hard mission too.

I´m happy you´re using facebook to post links!  It´s so cool to see how easy it is to share the gospel--like a really delicious cake you want to share with your friends.  Thanks for helping in the work!
I love President Uchtdorf´s talk "finding joy in the journey."  I think I´ve thought about that talk every day this week, trying to focus on the most important things--here and now.  We´re planning activities and teaching lots of lessons... It´s exciting.
I´m glad Becca wants to go to BYU-H.  She has to go wanting to STUDY, not just wanting to party.  It´s hard to get a real education there, I´ve heard, because everyone goes to the beach all the time.
Tell Grandpa happy birthday, I love him!
You´re the best, family.  Wouldn´t trade you for anything!
Elder Taylor!

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