Jan 9, 2013

Trent's email 1/2/13

Family, Cody,
Wow, I was so surprised when I looked at my watch and it said "13" instead of "12."  It´s a new year!  Strange, strange, strange. Even weirder, I´ll be home before the next new year.  Does Dad like his new job?  Apparently it´s good.  I´m glad.  I´m grateful to have such awesome parents who care so much about me to work so hard all the time, and I wish I would´ve listened better when they told me to play piano.  I could be much more useful as a hymn accompanist... right now I just have to do my best.
Orson Taylor... So why don´t we know any Taylors in St. George to whom we are related?  That´s interesting.  Keep me updated, this is really fun to find out about.
So gram´s half Irish?  What was Gram´s mom´s name again?  Wow, I never cared about this stuff before, but now that I´m seeing the importance of family and observing the influence that families have on people every day, its so much more interesting.  What was the name of our ancestor who gave Joseph Smith a horse?  Elder Grover told me that his great great grandfather (or something like that) was in the Doctrine and Covenants, something about being an assistant to the twelve.  Thomas Grover.  I thought that was cool. 
Cool!! I can´t wait to meet Russell.  I´m sorry, maybe you told me already, but where did he serve his mission?  Tell Kara that I love her, and she should probably write me, if she can.  Please.
I so want to leave Utah.  Maybe it´s just a mission thing, but I´ve gotten so excited to live all over the world!  I can´t wait to see new things, meet different people.  Utah´s just too... too much of the same.  The Church dominates the culture, and I don´t like that at all.  It´s not meant to dominate culture.  So, let´s go to Oregon, Florida, Texas, West Virginia, New York, Italy... There are lots of Europeans here in this country, it´s really fun to talk to them.
It´s just really sad to see some people that don´t realize what life is like outside of La Vega.  Like, they really don´t understand how big the world is, how different they are from other people, what really makes the world work.  I want to see things.
Alright, alright, we´ll negociate.  Remember, Mom, I will be an adult when I get back... But if you don´t want me to leave on Christmas Day, maybe I won´t.  Or you all could go visit people with me.
Zoe Rocks.  Shout out.  She´ll never read this, but Tiffany will tell her.
What is SIDS?  I´m so sorry for Bob.  Please give him a big hug for me.  I hope the bishop helps.  Aw, I feel so sorry for him.  Tell him I love him.
Ah, thanks so much for the hi from the smiths!  I love those guys.  Good for the missionary, I hope all goes well.  It´d be so hard to be sent home before the two years is over, I think.
Pause.  I sent another memory card without telling you guys. Was it inside a duck, or inside an envelope?  Cuz there was one I sent inside a duck, that was the most recent, and had mostly video diary recordings.  And I thought it was stolen, too, because you guys hadn´t said anything, but I´m so glad at least ONE of them made it there.  Hope you enjoy watching or looking.
I wish I could be Dad´s companion.  He´d help me know what to do at the right time, and he´d work his tail off. I just got a "mini missionary," which means he´s a member from the area of the mission (Santiago, specifically) and he´s only serving for this transfer because we´re short a missionary.  He´s smart, and he´s willing, and we´re both learning a lot about pride =)  It´s interesting, basically having to call all the shots alone (he didn´t go to the MTC so I have to teach him basically how things go... it´s a good thing I know how to do mission work well), I kind of like it and it kind of stresses me out.  It means I´ll probably be here another three months.  I´m thinking I might finish my mission with only 3 areas, but that´s okay.  I figure if it´s what the Lord wants, there´s no problem.  Also, like you said, I get lost less often.
Mom, I´m doing my very best.  I really am.  Sometimes, I´m weak, sometimes, I´m a little lazy, and sometimes, I focus on things that aren´t mission work for a little too long, but I´m trying really hard to give everything I´ve got.  I don´t like doing things part way, half way, or even 99% of the way.  I´m here to get it done the best I know how.  Thanks for the encouragement, it really does help!
I love you all. You´re the best!  Keep up the gratitude, the love, and most of all, the sending of letters.
Elder Taylor

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