Jan 2, 2013

Trent's email 12/26/12

Hey Mom, Dad, and everyone else!
Wow, it was fantastic to talk to you all yesterday.  It´s just so
true, happiness in family life.  It´s a very big sacrifice to be away
from our families for so long.  Elder Nelson almost didn´t get
through, and he was very frustrated.  We need our families.  It´ll be
good to be back home next year.  We spent our day cleaning a little,
then walking around the neighborhood and wishing everyone a Merry
Christmas.  There was one family that invited us in and gave us apples
and candy and we talked about the birth of Christ for awhile.  I
enjoyed it.  I was SO tired last night.  Slept like a rock. Got a
little extra sleep today.  There was one lady who gave us some tea
from some plant called "gengibre."  It´s tasty.
It´s good that you saw all those family members!  And that´s soo cool
that Dad´s into family search.  I liked it, it was fun.  I liked
indexing a lot, it was a fun challenge.  They were really focusing on
that in the college wards.  I didn´t know grandpa´s grandpa grew up in
St. George, wasn´t that Pleasant Green?  or was that Grandpa´s dad?
We probably have family there, then!  How cool.  Umm, didn´t Grandpa
grow up in San Fran?  How did we end up in the Church, anyway?  I was
talking to Elder Grover, who´s solid pioneer stock, and I really don´t
know when we got introduced into the church.  Gram´s from
California...  I don´t know!
I love cooking for lots of people.  It´s stressful, but it´s so
rewarding.  Besides, when I´m at home, I´ll get other people involved
when we do parties, so it´ll just be one or two dishes for everyone,
and then life will be happy and easy.  I´m excited to have parties and
things.  And real American food again.  Yeah.
What´s Russell like?  Do we like him?  I´m excited to see the new
house with the new kitchen table.  I realized that I always took new
things for granted, because everything in this country is hand me
down.  I can´t tell you how many high school t-shirts I´ve seen
Dominicans wearing, just normal.  I figure places like the DI just
ship boxes of clothes down here.
Where do Spencer´s parents live?  And where´s Russell from?  How´s
Kara´s career?
I MISS SNOW!  Aww, you guys are so lucky.  I want to have snowball
fights with you guys.  Mom, I´m gonna pull you in, too.  You´ve gotta
appreciate the snowball time!  We´ve gotta go tubing again.
I´m so happy to hear about the changes in the youth manuals.  I love
knowing WHY we live the gospel, it makes it so much easier to live and
makes me so much happier.  Elder Bednar really focused on that when he
came down here... sometime this year.  My perspective of EVERYTHING
has changed.  I hope you guys are willing to leave Utah, cause I feel
like I need to live and raise my kids outside of Utah, and I want you
guys to be there, too.  There´s SO MUCH to be done outside of Utah.  I
can´t wait to make a real difference.
I hope it goes well with the lady that you visit teach.  Don´t lose
hope!  Even if SHE doesn´t understand that she needs the gospel, YOU
do.  Let her feel your love, and she´ll start realizing how much the
Lord loves her, too.  That´s been one of the best lessons I´ve learned
here on the mission.  Lots of work done for people that don´t
progress, but it´s never in vain.
Ahh, I hope the unpacking and laundry go well.  I feel like I have no
energy to do anything anymore, especially not cleaning the house.  I
don´t know why... I´ve been a little sick.  I´m always so exhausted.
Send me some fudge, PLEASE!!
Zoe asked if I´d be home for next year, and if we could spend Christmas together.  She went with Tiffany to go see Les Miserables, the new movie.
Zoe thinks she´s going to stay up at Utah for a year, so that´ll be
fun because she´ll be there when I get home.  I´m excited.
Anyway, life´s good!  Back to the mission life, and I´m excited.
hopefully we´ll get some good progress in our area now that the
alcohol fest is over.
Love you all!
Elder Taylor

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