Jan 30, 2013

Trent's email 1/23/13

Hey Mom!
Hermano Gomez went home.  It´s a long story, but the short version is that his parents wanted him to finish filling out his Mission Papers so he can really get out there.  They were going to send me another mini, but that fell through, so I´m sleeping on Elder Grover´s floor for now, and trying to get members in our branch to go to appointments with me so all our investigators can keep progressing.  It´s hard and fun at the same time, but we´ll get it worked out.  I´m glad Brady´s back in Mexico, it would be hard to go home. 
I want to hang out in Vegas with you guys, and play tennis!  That sounds great.  On Monday we had a car wash to raise funds for a family who wants to get married.  The funds tanked, but the activity was very fun, and I realized the importance of good planning and trust in your branch.  Also, I´m fried again, working all day in a t-shirt and shorts.  Also, this morning, we went and played volleyball in the chapel in Jarabacoa, a really pretty area up the mountain where the Sisters are preaching. 
I´m so glad Dad´s gonna show Becca what´s up. I hope he gives those boys a good talking to.  "So you like my daughter, do ya? Yeah, we think she´s something else.  She deserves respect that´s what she´ll get, ain´t it son?  Now if you need anything, I´ll be right here all night just cleaning this gun."  Good old country song that we were remembering today.
As far as teaching goes, we´ve been teaching lots of people, and I realized that I´ve not been explaining our purpose as missionaries from the very beginning, so I lose control of the lesson.  I´m going to get better at that.  we have lots of good families, and I want them all to see how great the gospel is, but I´m doing it very slowly.  It´s really hard to balance out "teach to their needs" and "help them make commitments to progress towards baptism."  Sometimes, people don´t want to repent and be baptized even though it´s what they need...
I´m hoping that my Spanish will help me find a good job at BYU.  I can´t wait to go visit the temple a lot =)  I miss it there. 
I´m excited for my package!  Thanks for all your hard work and love.  I love you guys!  I gotta go, we´re gonna go teach a Jehovah´s Witness.  Well, I asked him to show us why he´s against our church, even though his daughter and his dad are members.  We´ll see what happens.  The bible is a fickle thing sometimes...
You´re the best!
Elder Taylor

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