Jan 16, 2013

Trent's email 1/9/13

Hey Mom, Dad, Cody, and everyone else!  Happy 9th of January!
I´m doing wonderfully.  Last night we ate pizza, and this afternoon we had DELICIOUS fried chicken.  Aww, man, it´s good.  We´ve had a local elder in the hospital, so Hermano Gomez and I have been taking lots of care of him and eating out alot.  I stayed with him all day yesterday, it was actually a nice break from stress.  He should get out of the hospital today, so we´re doing alright.
Other than that, we´re still really focusing in on setting effective goals.  It´s really difficult, because a lot of what we do depends on other people (if they read, if they want to change their lives, if the members leave with us, if they don´t get called into work on Sunday...) and we´re living in a very poor city, I´m starting to realize, so everyone´s slave to their work.  I want to hope for the best, but I don´t know what to expect-some weeks go wonderfully with lots of participation and support from the members, some weeks go terribly, and we end up contacting all week. It´s almost a joke.  Plus, they don´t give us enough minutes to call all our investigators every day, as I would like, and to do all the other chores that we need to do as missionaries.  But, we´re living, and the work is progressing, despite the challenges.  I love being here and making plans and doing my best.  It really makes me focus well on the MOST IMPORTANT THING.
Which is, I´ve also learned, that life means nothing without this gospel.  It makes me super sad that people take the Church and adapt it to their lifestyle as they see fit.  A lot of times, its hard for us to understand that God´s laws are there to protect us and to help us live more fully-when we disobey, we ultimately lose. I wish I could help everyone understand that, but it´s hard, because the world screams an entirely different message.  I think each culture has their problem.  Here, it´s often family life and the law of chastity more than anything.  Also, people are super lazy, and they don´t like telling anyone "no," so they say they´ll do something with the best intentions, but rarely comply.  In our culture, we really don´t appreciate the sabbath day, and chastity´s also a huge issue.  I just wish people would study the scriptures and understand what God wants us to be and achieve.  This world could be the beautiful place it was created to be.
I loved psychology.  I hope she enjoys it =)  who´s her seminary teacher?  Change is good sometimes.  Elder Grover and I were talking about the importance of really good people, it makes your heart warm up.  Just doing things out of love and service makes a person feel so much happier.  Dad likes hanging out with dentists?  Cool.  I miss steak.

St. George is a good city.  I love it there!  It´ll be good to go back.  Much better than Draper =)
I hope Bob is doing well.  He´s a good guy.  Kyzer will be cheering for him "on the other side."
I´m keeping track of places to show you three when we come back one day, don´t worry.  It´ll be a blast.
Did you enjoy the pictures and videos?  I´m excited to review them, it seems like it´s been a really long time since I´ve seen them.
My mini missionary is... interesting.  It´s nice to have an outside perspective of mission work, seeing as he didn´t pass through the MTC.  It´s a good perspective, helps me think about things that I don´t often consider.  He reminds me a lot of who I was right after I got out of high school, pretty know-it-allish.  I mean, I guess I still am like that, but I feel like I´m better than before.
Couple of in-laws?  What kind of in-laws are you planning for?
There´s a little bit of diversity here, but you´re right, it´s not too different.  I just like being out of the city, really =)

Haha, I´m glad you have 9:00 church.  Yeah, six years of 1:00 was a little unjust. 
AAh, I´m so excited to make a difference in the world.  To get out there and TRY.  I know there are a ton of obstacles, just like in mission work, but it´s so worth it.  It´ll be so much fun. There are so many things to see and do and live.  I´m grateful to be here.  I´m grateful to be a part of this great family.  Love you guys!
Elder Taylor
P.S. Cody´s going into the Air Force when he gets done in May, so our roommate plans are ruined.  Blake´s finishing his mission next month.  If you see him, tell me to save me a bed in January.

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