Feb 5, 2013

Trent's email 1/30/13

Mom, Cody, and dear old Pop,
It´s been a great week.
I got a mini missionary from Cotuí, a tiny town up in the mountains
close to here.  This is the first time he´s spent more than a week
away from home (Dominicans are super home-bodies, and Momma´s boys.
Way more than most of us), but he´s a really humble guy, and does
really well for only having 4 years in the church.  Pretty quiet,
reminds me of Elder Rodríguez back in April, my other dominican
companion.  I am, thankfully, sleeping in my own apartment again since
Friday night, and it´s much more comfortable.  Hermano Torres is good
at speaking English, has a strong desire to work and serve, and gets
excited when we have a successful lesson, which we´ve had quite a few
these last two days.  We´re working with lots of families and trying
to help lots of Catholics listen a little better.  It´s something I
haven´t been able to do my whole mission, but I think we´re finally
teaching clearly, and I love it.  I mean, it´s so simple.  If Moses
were here, they´d all listen.  Why wouldn´t they want to know about
our message?  Thank you, M. Russell Ballard´s 'Our Search for
Happiness'.  I never realized how effective those books in the
missionary library really are.  I love teaching. I love helping people
come closer to God.  I love the way I feel when I testify about God.
Best two years, no doubt in my mind.
It will be good to have a regular missionary next transfer, I think.
Two more weeks.
I changed the way I pray.  I often think of God as just an omnipotent
being that is really difficult to understand and rewards us based on
good desires and our "best effort," or what I want to pass off as
"well, I did the best I could."  I decided to picture Him more like
Dad.  A wonderful, hard working man who wants to help me in whatever I
need, but who has all power and infinite love to do so.  It helped. I
realized that I´m really the one in charge, that I can´t blame anyone
else for failure but myself, and that I can reach much more if I pray
a little more sincerely and work a little harder.  To quote a poem I
learned in 7th grade (thank you, Mr. Scott Buck, for making me
memorize it), "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my
soul."  So, maybe I won´t be able to baptize dozens of people on my
mission, but I will make a difference, and I will be a witness to
those who want to know about God, and those who I DO baptize will have
a strong testimony, and the missionaries I see will become better
missionaries because they knew me.  I am capable of those things.
Whatever else happens is more or less in the hands of everyone else.
And God will help me, because He loves me and He wants it to happen,
too.  Just like Dad would help me if he were here.  It was a
life-changing experience.
Thanks for getting me more shirts.  I bought a couple here, but
they´re just pathetic.  I don´t like them.  I´m not too concerned
about the brand, but the fabric is SO important.  I already sweat
Meg Gass wrote me last week.  She´s great.  Going to Japan on a
mission.  She told me that Mandi would probably get married soon.  How
cool that we´re in the Hendrickson´s ward!  I love those guys.  Good
for Mandi.
I´m glad you went to a couple of movies together!  It´ll be super fun
to go with you guys again.  I´m really excited for that.
Glad to hear that Bob´s working.  Hoping that Alysa will be okay.
Rough life, little kid.  I read a lot of scriptures about that kind of
stuff this week, but I left them in the house.  I wish I could relate
to her, to help her out.  Hopefully someone will be there for her.
I hope you get the job at Pineview!  haha.  Courtney sounded excited about the snow, I miss being cold... but only
a little.  Mostly I miss cold weather things, like tubing and hot
chocolate and fire places.
Still working!  Lots of families.  Aah, such good stuff.  one of these days!
Keep reading your scriptures and praying!  As a family!  Love you all.
Elder Taylor

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