Feb 19, 2013

Trent's email 2/13/13

Mom!  Becca!  Dad!
Saya and Meg are going to Japan!  Well, I guess Saya´s already there.  SO CRAZY!  Meg wrote me a letter a couple of months ago... MAN.  Life changes in two years, I guess, not everyone just stays where they were.  I love Saya´s mom.  Do you like working there?  What happened to nursing? 
I hope you enjoy working there, Mom.  Sometimes it´s not the best, but I always feel more accomplished when I work hard in something. I don´t know how rewarding lunch clerking is, but I hope you enjoy it =)
CONGRATS TO MELANIE!  That´s weird, but good.  ...I actually thought she was already married.  Oh yeah, she had a returned missionary boyfriend.  It´s not that guy?  Hmm.  Okay, so are you guys going to the reception?
I hope Keri´s happy, too.  Chase... when does he get home?  And what´s up with Laura and Kris and Kelcie? 
I was in Santiago just for the day last week.  I have another month here in La Vega (at least.  Maybe more) but I have a new companion, (a full time missionary, yay!) Elder Fabián from the capital.  He speaks quickly, but I´ll learn a lot from him.  The first strong-willed companion I´ve had in a long time.  It´ll probably take adjusting, but it´ll be alright.  I´m excited.  I bet he´s a good teacher.
Elder Stratford is a good friend of mine here in the mission.  He grew up in Springville, and he´s a really open minded person.  We think very similarly in many of the things that happen here in the mission, and it´s good to have a friend.  He´s going to BYU as well. 
It´ll be weird to be in a normal ward where I just have like, a calling... and I won´t be like, in charge of everything like I am here.  Kind of nice probably.  Be able to relax and just learn, instead of organize so much.
I wish Dad were home more often. Sounds like it´s difficult.
I have the option of extending my mission a transfer (six weeks) and I was seriously considering it this week, but I decided against it because I need to go home and hang out with Becca and take an online physics course before I enter school in January.  I hope we get lots of time to hang out during those two months that I have before I go back to BYU, with Becca and you two as well.
What AP classes is Becca Taking?
Ooh, I bet the 16th floor is FANTASTIC!  Man, It´ll be good to be back in a 1st world country, too.  Yeah.
This week I´ve been thinking a lot about the difference between a blessing and a punishment.  A lot of times, I think that one is opposite to the other.  As in, if I´m not blessed, I HAVE to be punished.  But, I realized that it´s not true.  I can keep doing, like, normal things, and never get blessed or punished.  It´s when I go the extra mile that the true blessings, the true miracles, the true strength in missionary work and in the gospel really happens.  I LOVE learning.  I hope you all are reading your scriptures lots!  There are SO MANY THINGS to learn.
I love you all!
Elder Taylor

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