Feb 12, 2013

Trent's email 2/6/13

I'm in Santiago!  I went to Wendy's.  IT WAS AMAZING.  I had a
strawberry shortcake frosty and chili.  I asked for extra chili
seasonings so I can take them home.  I love it.  I miss American food.
I'm also hanging out with Elder Stratford, he's a stud.  Maybe we'll
be companions at BYU.
I'm glad to hear about the super bowl, I remember Pitta!  That's so
cool that he made a touchdown, maybe it's not so bad that the 49ers
lost after all.
That'll be so cool to see Meg on the mission.
This week we had some really fun contacts.  One guy made up a
scripture to tell us that the Book of Mormon was false.  That was
funny.  Also, another guy totally rejected us, it was one of the few
times that I was straight up rejected without even a "How are you?"
or "No thank you."  I figure I'm blessed to be in a country that's so
willing to talk about Jesus Christ.
I had two great baptismal interviews and two good companion exchanges
this week.  Robert, the German who's super intelligent with great
leadership ability, was baptized into our branch.  It was a pleasure
to witness.  I can't wait to see what changes in our ward because of
that.  Also, there's another youth that I was able to interview, and
I'm excited to see growth.  Sunday was actually a pretty heart warming
day in Sacrament meeting.  We're working with so many families that
have SO MUCH POTENTIAL.  Just trying to get timing right so that we
help them feel the desire to come to church.  It's really incredible.
I love you all.  Keep me updated!  i can't wait to be with you all
again in October!
Elder Taylor

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