Mar 5, 2013

Trent's email 2/27/13

Happy Independence Day Everyone!
Well, here at least.  It´s cool!  Parades and stuff.  We spent the day at the same waterfall to which we went a couple months ago, and I took a TON of pictures.  I wanted to send them, but I left the stuff at home.
Ugh.  I don´t know what to do about this hotmail-gmail connection thing.  I´ll send them to Courtney, maybe she can upload them, and then we can all get along.  She´s got gmail, and myldsmail is just a gmail branch.
I´m sorry the cat´s a bother.  I thought you had her spayed?  Well, anyway, I like the mission life.  No animals, less stress.  Well, our neighbor has an annoying chihuahua that I had to shut out with a torn up cardboard box.  There´s poop all over our balcony.  Always.
Phillippeans!  HOLY MOLY!  Congrats, Ashley Rowe!  That´s so cool =)  She´ll be learning a whole different culture and stuff.  I hope she has a blast getting ready to go.  Wow.  More missionaries every day.  And look at me, almost finishing.  I realized how old I am on the mission today when I was in the bus coming back from the trip.  Only two of the 13 missionaries are older than me.
It´s excellent to go running!  I love my companion.  Usually.  Good hard worker, and he likes running even though he hardly ever goes.  I totally ate it this week, too, Mom, dont sweat it. And all I did was step on a stone and rolled my ankle.  That darn dog.  I hope you´re alright.  It was fun when I tumbled, I spun and stuff.  It would be fun to hang out together.
Aww, I´m sorry Mom.  Elder Grover and I have decided that we´re going to call our parents all the time when we get home and we´re studying in college.  This mission thing really helps you appreciate family.  Sometimes on the mission you feel pretty lonely too, because you´re living in a house with a complete stranger who doesn´t really have anything to say to you, so I understand how you feel, Mom.  Just pray alot =)
Anyway, we´re teaching lots and having success!  We have appointments right now (ending pday early to take advantage of the holiday) so have a great week!  Love you all!
Elder Taylor

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