Mar 19, 2013

Trent's email 3/13/13

Hey family!
I´m doing quite well this Wednesday, I´m out in the mountains in a small town called Cotuí, where I´ve just been transferred.  It´s hot, but we found a delightful internet center with air conditioning and hi speed internet for the same price as the lousy ones in La Vega.  My companion is a Peruvian greenie, and we´re in another tiny branch.  It´s pretty similar to La Vega, but cleaner, and maybe the people aren´t as nice (I just got chewed out by a guy for a problem with buying purified water... that didn´t ever happen in La Vega).  Maybe I´m not sitting by a pool, but I´ve got a lot of work to do, and I´m all settled in my new house.  I like it.
Also, I´ve learned a lot this week.  I thought a lot about chapter 1 of preach my gospel, and it´s really interesting how the Church does a fantastic job of captivating everything essential in the first chapter.  Like, if all missionaries would come to understand what that chapter said, almost the whole rest of the book would be superfluous.  One of my favorite quotes was something like, "The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that will bring people true joy, peace, and salvation."  I thought a whole lot about what that means, and decided to ask myself a question that resembles one that I was asked at the beginning of my mission: "What makes me happy?"  If I truly try to live the gospel (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to the end), the first thing that should make me happy is Jesus Christ.  Anything that has to do with him--the scriptures, Church, praying, obedience, etc.  Really, my life should center around the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  That´s what the Gospel is truly about. I´m trying to change my heart so that that´s more true.
Also, I learned the importance of being effective.  It´s great to worry about details sometimes, but other times you have to know when to go forward and get something done quickly.  Timing is very key sometimes.  I´m learning a lot out here!
Sounds like we´ll be doing a biking excursion soon here to the dam, which apparently is the only form of entertainment up here in the mountains.  Supposedly really beautiful.  Kevin´s a BEAST!  Can´t wait to go to Pizza Factory with him and Tasha again.  I really liked that quote, Mom, thanks!  The story sounds really emotional, that´s not cool.
Oh, I´ve been thinking a lot about my career.  More on that later, I haven´t decided anything, really.
I loved, it really is clear and helpful, I hope the church leaders start using it and applying the principles therein.  It could help a lot with the problems we face as a church...
Sister Douglas is incredible. I´d love to do the Charity to India one day.  I bet she´d find a way to help us go really cheap, too, if we wanted to go.  Power couple, those two.  They´ll be great for job referrals.  They´ve already helped quite a few missionaries get into BYU.
The shirts came.  I realized that I didn´t need extra long, just classic, and these ones are too big, but I´ll just have them tailored.  I´m excited for the candy!  Thanks for everything!
Well, I love you family, you´re awesome!  Please send this to Cody again!
Elder Taylor

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