Mar 26, 2013

Trent's email 3/20/13

Mom!  Dad!
Things are good here.  I can´t believe how many things can happen in one branch, there are so many priesthood leaders and we get so many references... it´s awesome!  I´m happy to be in Cotuí.  We´re thinking there are going to be some pretty good miracles going on up in here.  Like, explosions of baptisms and things like that.  This place is supposed to become a stake in 8 months, and President Douglas has put me here to be a part of it.  I like that.
Becca´s doing a Cousins page?  that´s SO COOL!  I can´t wait to see it.  Does she like Website design?  Is it difficult?
Hahaha, I like talking to you three, too.  I really have learned so much, I can´t wait to talk to you three all about everything again.  It´ll be so different, but so good.
Hahaha, tell Madi to keep that video of drugged Becca!  Wisdom teeth are SO fun, but the best part is the chipmunk effect afterwards.  
People in Cotuí look at me like I´m Brad Pitt.  They like white guys here.  It´s kind of uncomfortable sometimes...  It just happened in the internet center.  I like being able to surprise them with really good spanish =)
Ooh, I can´t wait to eat homemade peanut butter cookies again.  YEAH!  That´s gonna be nice.  Go mom, for doing your visiting teaching.  I think it´s really key to helping people stay in the Church.  SO MANY LESS ACTIVES here.  Ugh.  It´s really disheartening sometimes.
Oh, I´ve taken some hot showers.  There´s lots of sun here, and it appears that part of our water comes from the black tank on top of the house.  I REALLY LIKE IT.  I´m glad I don´t have to wait 7 months for hot water.
Elder Matos is really intelligent and humble.  I´m helping him learn lots of things that Elder Zaldivar didn´t do, so I kind of feel like I´m training.  I like it.  I feel like I´ve learned a lot over the course of this year and five months I have out here.  It´ll be a bummer to take the nametag off...
I really don´t know what I want to do.  Maybe Doctor isn´t right for me.  I know Dad always wanted me to do it because it´s lucrative, and I feel like I could excell, but maybe there are better things I could do with my talents.  I don´t know.  Pondering it. I haven´t made any decisions yet. Definitely won´t stick with just getting a degree in theater and trying to make it as an actor, but we´ll have to see where things go. I was always so confident that I knew what I was going to do, but now I see the world in a little bit of a different light.  Sorry there´s no real decision there.  We´ll talk some in May about it, sound good?
Love you family!  Thanks for your prayers and emails.  Oh, I got a package full of adorable letters from the Primary, I believe it´s in our Ward.  Porter was the name, but it just had little letters and bookmarks.  Whoever did it, THANK YOU!  I really liked some of the book marks, and the letters were a crack up.  "Dear Elder Taylor, By. Bailey."  Good times.  Anyway, you´re the best, family!
Elder Taylor

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