Mar 13, 2013

Trent's email 3/6/13

Hola, familia.
We have walked SO MUCH this week.  So many contacts, so many failed appointments, but there´s always a little bit of hope.  We just keep working hard and pressing on, and we see good things.  I´m glad Dad got the pictures.  The waterfall was incredible, I really enjoyed it.
Courtney´s good.  She´s going to Jerusalem April 31, and she´s very excited.  She´s grown up a lot. 
Aah, go to Conference!  It´s so cool.  I would DIE to go back to the conference center.  I´m glad that Brittany´s happy, I hope he deserves her, and I´m excited to meet him.  Weird, little old Brittany already married.  I guess that´s the Taylor way, huh?  Anyway, I hope Becca´s happy and pretty in her marriage, too, in ten years.  Haiti!  Haha.  I hope she enjoys some Haitian food, they eat very spicy things.  I hear they have nice beaches.  I´ll wave back to her. 
I´m sure Becca was fascinated in the mummies museum.  That´ll be fun, go to weird gross things with Becca again.  Hahaha.  I´m glad you two had fun together. 
Wow, Chase is already done.  Where did the time go?  How do I only have 7 months left?  What happened to February?  It´s all going to be over before I know it.
Oh, Sheri Budge´s dad is a mission president, I found out by reading the ensign. I wonder if he´s Meg or Saya or Kai´s president.  Tell them to say hi for me.
Don´t worry, Mom, I´m learning a ton every single day!  It´s fantastic to be in the mission and have difficult goals.  Sister Douglas invited us to read the Book of Mormon in 60 days, so I´m trying it (that´s how many days it took Joseph to translate it).  Also, I´m really understanding HOW to be a missionary, and not just give discussions about the Bible.  Things come together better every day, and it´s a blast to figure out how to do things right.
Two google searches for you all:
Rising Star Outreach -- it´s Sister Douglas´s multimillion dollar charity in India.  Yeah, she´s amazing. -- new website from the Church about Same Sex Attraction.  Really clearly states the Church´s stance on everything, and all members should strive to understand the Christlike approach to the issue, which is the point of the website.  I really like it.
In other news, I´ve done lots of baptismal interviews here in La Vega, and it´s a thrill every time.  I wish everyone would focus on the basic heartfelt principles of the gospel-faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end.  Sometimes we forget that faith is an everyday principle, and that repentance is essential for true peace.  That´s why we´re supposed to go to Church and take the sacrament.  It´s inspiring to sit down with people that are about to make that commitment to God and talk about the importance of those five things.  The gospel is simple, we just overcomplicate our lives.
I love you all.  Strive to be like Christ.
Elder Taylor

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