Apr 2, 2013

Trent's email 3/27/13

Hey Ma!
Pday´s good.  Very quiet.  We have to travel lots, which means we have little money, and there´s hardly anything to do anyway, so we played Monopoly today.  It was chill.  Also, cleaning the house and stuff.  How often is Dad in Vegas these days?  I bet the cat and the dog are very good company.
It´s a nice town.  It´s not super duper small.  Plenty of video game centers and sports lottery businesses.  There are so many people here who don´t know about the Church!  We´re talking to lots and lots and lots of people.  I like it.  It´s kind of like opening a new area or something.  There are two other missionaries on the other side of the town in a different branch.  The new house is the downside, but we´re going to move soon.  We´ve been keeping it as clean as possible, but the neighborhood is not very good.  Here there are lots of "Tinacos," the tanks on the roofs.  We have one.  I like it.  Sometimes the water is hot. Even with hot weather, the hot water is good.
Wow, that´s so weird to hear about so many active members that it´s hard to give them all a calling.  I wish we could take, like, 5 great families and bring them out here to help us with the gospel!  That´s why missions are so good, I guess.  Families are so hard to find, and responsible adults are few and far between.  We could use some leadership.
I LOVE teaching.  Courtney is also teaching Relief Society, it appears.  I hope I get to teach in the Church when I get home, even if it´s to Primary kids.
Not a single team from Utah made it to March Madness??  Wow.  Weird.  I hope it goes better for us next year.
Starting something new is always super difficult.  Is she done taking piano lessons?  That´s cool that she picked cello.  I could never get past the rosin... it was like fingernails on a chalkboard for me.
I´ve been thinking a whole lot about loving God.  I realized that it´s hard to love Him more than anything else because we don´t KNOW Him.  It´s hard to get to know Him because we can´t see Him or hug Him or any of the things that we normally do with the people that we love.  But, when we take the time to read the scriptures, really try to figure out what He wants us to do with our time, and pray energetically, truly trying to communicate ourselves with Him, we can feel His presence and receive answers, and sometimes even get glimpses of light.  Maybe one day here on earth we´ll be so close to Him that we´ll be able to speak to Him face to face, just like many prophets and such (Look in the Topical Guide under "Second Comforter")  So, I´m trying to love Him more than anything else.  Spend my time doing His will.  Following the promptings of the Spirit.  So far, I´m learning a lot.  I love it.  Also, it helps me stop thinking about October 11.
Also, I love how simple the Gospel can be.  Sometimes, we fill the Church with too many words, too many complicated activities, too many planning meetings where nothing gets planned.  I want to be a part of the Church that changes lives, not the Church that sits and chats about nothing.  I like being isolated out here, I´m learning lots about how the Church should function.
Anyway, I love you all.  I´m excited for conference, I´m excited for learning, I´m excited for our appointments tonight, and I´m excited to see you all again.  Take care, write much, and have a great week.
Elder Taylor

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