Apr 23, 2013

Trent's email 4/17/13

Hey Mom,
It´s been a good day.  Just got back from Santiago, a 2.5 hour trip.  Totally worth it.  We bought lots of fun stuff like ties and syrup and frostys.  Oh, how I love frostys.  It´s cool to get out of the routine for awhile.  I also got to talk to some really good missionary friends.  Also, I saw Elder Stratford, and we chatted a little.  Uplifting Christian talks with Elder Stratford are great things.  He´s not the biggest fan of the mission, but he definitely understands Christianity.  Raised in Springville and very intelligent.
Everyone´s having dreams out here!  Our branch and elder's quorum presidents started dreaming of a full chapel, and they´ve been working their tails off to make it happen!  It´s great to see a surge of enthusiasm.  I hope we can effectively spread it to the members.  It´s a challenge we´ve been talking about with President Douglas.
Oh, before I forget, I have a couple members BEGGING me for American stuff.  1) Beef Jerky. 2) Gummi worms. Please send some more in the next package.  Please!  And if you want to send extra for me, both of those things sound incredibly delicious =) 
Wow, I feel like I´m just starting to learn, and that I could be out here another two years and never learn everything, but it´s a big sacrifice, and I´m glad I get to go home and be with everyone again.  I could totally adopt missionary work as a full time job if they´d let me.  It´s sooo fulfilling, but I so hate being away from everyone and everything and living this... strange "obedience" paradigm.  It´ll be a hard transition to live the gospel again in an environment that´s not so protected.  But, it´ll be worth it.
Thanks for telling me about your testimony.  It´ll be cool to talk to members about that.  I feel like my testimony will never stop growing.  The more I think about the world and God and the Church, the more questions I have, but up til this point there´s always been a satisfying answer, and I´ve learned that I don´t have to dig too deep to know the truth, it´s not all intellectual.  But, I think I´ll never stop learning. I truly hope to know enough one day to be able to be "perfect," just like Christ.  I think that comes from knowledge and practice and repentance, not just magical death and glorification, constant effort.  I love the Book of Mormon for the help it gives me.  Apparently Elder Bednar read the Book of Mormon like 62 times, each time studying a different theme.  I´ll probably have to spend lots of my time studying the scriptures like that.
Well, I love you, Mom!  you´re the best.


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